View Full Version : Sainsburys 10p off litre Petrol when you spend 60

24th July 2013, 15:25
Starts tomorrow 25th.

Suits me better as nothing in Tesco promotion I want - still have stash of cereals and hate Nescafe.

A duvet set i've got my eye on BUT it might be the wrong shade :D. What a shame it has to go back. :o

Sainsburys is 3-4p cheaper here than Tescos too on fuel + car runs properly NOT like an old tractor on Tesco fuel. :D

28th July 2013, 16:20
We have another 6 off 40 voucher, we get 5% off via shopping card top-ups with work, so 40 costs us 38 less the voucher 32. We can easily get 40 litres in the car so that's another 4 discount. Effectively 28 cost for 40 of shopping if we also buy something for 20 to make up to 60, and take it back ;)