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8th August 2013, 06:34
came in an email


Buy Avios before 19 September and we'll give you a bonus, supersizing whatever you purchase by up to 30%.

The more you buy, the bigger the bonus. If you haven't collected any Avios already this year, you can purchase 24,000 ? and get 7,200 bonus Avios.

It's the smart way to boost your balance and enjoy a great getaway sooner.

You buy, we'll boost

8th August 2013, 07:02
It's getting less of a bonus each time. That's 180 bonus on each 600 as opposed to 400 the first time and 300 last time.

8th August 2013, 09:50
I think this is just a purchasing bonus Dom, not the tesco conversion bonus many collectors are holding their breath for.

8th August 2013, 10:18
sorry i didn't realise either

do you actually have to buy with money ? (you can't buy with clubcard vouchers??)

8th August 2013, 10:50
I'm assuming so whiteguineapig but without actually reading the email can't be 100 % sure. If its an actually tesco conversion bonus it will be on the tesco deals part of the clubcard site. It's always on there when it happens ie convert ?2.50 clubcard vouchers and get 600 AVIOS plus 400 bonus AVIOS - that kind of thing.

8th August 2013, 11:10
It's on the Avio site