View Full Version : Asda 25 of groceries code.

10th October 2013, 11:26
25 off when you spend 25.0, just pay delivery - courtesy of HUKD. I'm not sure where it came from but the T&C's don't seem to have any restrictions that I can see


it seems to work, who knows whether they will honour it or not. Fingers crossed.

10th October 2013, 12:09
Expired already lol

10th October 2013, 14:47
There's a 50 off 50+ code here, just worked for me. Remember to click the add button :D

Thanks to Datolite on mse

10th October 2013, 15:04
Neither work for me :(
Just says error claiming code

10th October 2013, 15:07
It did that for me the 1st time so I clicked the add button again & it went through

10th October 2013, 15:28
Oh thanks, worked after I clicked add about 5 times. Click & collect for tomorrow, fingers crossed it works :)

10th October 2013, 16:27
Do you get APG on these orders?

10th October 2013, 16:30
Depends what you buy, this is an online code (spend and save)

10th October 2013, 16:39
Yes I know but if you order things to make a decent APG return do they give it to you? Am thinking of a few S&G and chocs ;)

10th October 2013, 16:48
Yes you can get an APG online but it can only be spent online on your next order and not in store. Last time I did an online order it took a week for it to appear on my account.

10th October 2013, 18:11
Been out all day & come back to this now it's been pulled :-(