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19th December 2013, 09:19
This is an amazing offer... Disney Movie Rewards are donating ?1 to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity for every 10 points (double the original amount) until Xmas Eve, e.g. ?50 for 500 points!


To celebrate the festive season Disney will match every donation made from 2nd December to 24th December 2013, giving twice the original donation value to the Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. So hurry, get donating your points today!

Why not check your Disney movies and games to see if you have any unclaimed points to donate? :thumb:

There's usually 100 points with Disney DVDs (worth ?10 donation), 150 points with Disney Blurays (worth ?15 donation) and lots more points with Disney games, box sets and 3D movies!

19th December 2013, 11:42
thanks for posting ..i have 250 points sitting in my account ..just donated ?25 to a good cause

19th December 2013, 21:59
thank you - sure I have some spare points I can donate x

19th December 2013, 22:25
I had 200 points so ?20 sent : )

thank you - sure I have some spare points I can donate x

21st December 2013, 07:15
I sent ?115 last night and asked all my friends on FB to check their disney films too. An easy thing to do which can make a credible difference.

Thanks for tip op

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21st December 2013, 11:02
Bit off topic from Disney Points, but you can also donate any spare AMEX Membership rewards to Great Ormond Street.

I closed my AMEX Gold a couple of weeks ago, I said it was a shame that the odd 900 plus points would be wasted and she read out a list if charity's they can go to and Great Ormond Street was one of them.