View Full Version : free ?10 red spotted hanky voucher for STUDENTS ONLY

12th March 2014, 13:09

or https://www.facebook.com/savethestudent

another free ?10 red spotted hanky code for STUDENTS only

Click Like on facebook page

need to add student email address , course details & year you finish to get it

might help someone

12th March 2014, 13:13
terms and conditions

7.New redspottedhanky.com customers must register at redspottedhanky.com with their student ?.ac.uk? email address and enter their validation code on the registration form.

8.Existing redspottedhanky.com customers must log in to their account which must be registered to a ?.ac.uk? email address and enter their validation code on their ?Personal details? page.

9.Customers who apply without the ?.ac.uk? email address will be rejected.