View Full Version : Gift Cards and MOCs

16th June 2017, 11:50
I imagine using MOCs with gift card purchases is not allowed officially - but do the tills accept them?
Looking to but Debenhams ?20 with 15% off and have MOCs to use up


16th June 2017, 12:27
Yes all fine, just bundle in some actual shopping. I've never been refused.

17th June 2017, 10:15
Thanks - tried just buying the gift cards and the till person was happy to take, but till refused

17th June 2017, 21:13
Sorry, my mistake I thought you were referring to Tesco MOCs.

You can use the MOCs ones in Sainsburys against PSN codes though. The ones that you have to buy in the large plastic boxes with security tags on. Presume its the same for the Xbox ones (not the ones they have to pre-load through the till)