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Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Why do some threads not move?

Some threads are what we call “Sticky’s” this means that they are stuck at the top of the page. This is because they contain lots of useful information and are used as a reference point by many members and its saves them from becoming lost in a plethora of other posts.

How Do I Search?

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In the Menu Bar click on the Search button. 

You can select the Advanced Search to get a more detailed search. 

You are unable to do a search on criteria of less than four characters.

How do I add a picture next to my name (avatar)?

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Click on the User CP button in the main menu bar. 

From the left hand menu select the Edit Avatar and at the bottom of the page use option 2 to upload an image from your computer.

Just click on browse to find the image you want and when you have found it, click save.

How do I create a Hyperlink?

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A common question we get asked is how do you post a hyperlink without it looking chaotic.

To do an abbreviated link click on the World With Chain icon in your post window, this will bring up a pop up box that you can paste your URL into.

Then press ok to close that box and it takes you back into post where you will see text highlighted overtype this with your short url.

Why do some of my posts include hyperlinks when I haven’t added them?

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The forum uses some software that automatically adds hyperlinks to certain text. 

These links are safe to click on and will take you to reputable sites, eg Amazon, British Airways, etc

What do the green/grey circles next to user name mean?

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When a person has a green circle next to their name it means they are “online” if the circle is grey it means that they are “offline”. 

Some people choose to appear “offline” even though they are “online” – the setting for this is in the User CP (Control Panel).

Why does my post count not go up when I post on the chat thread / swaps thread?

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Any postings in the chat/swaps area of the forum are not included in total posts. 

This is because the chat threads are archived daily and the swaps area contains a lot of bumps.

Why does my post count go down sometimes?

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Your post count may go down when moderators/administrators do housekeeping and remove out of date threads, posts/threads that are removed no longer count towards your total.

How do you add a picture in your post?

You will need to have the picture hosted somewhere (open a photobucket account).

Then you click on the "Insert Image" icon; insert the URL for the hosted picture (in photobucket this appears under the image so just copy and paste); and then give it a name

How do I include a link to a specific post with a thread?

Go to the post that you would like to link to and then right click on the number of that post (beside reputation scale), go to Properties and copying the url and then paste it into your post.

What do I do if I find a post offensive/rude etc?

If you find a post offensive or feel that you have not been shown respect by another member, you can PM (personal message) a moderator/administrator, or click on the "Report Post" icon in the post that is causing offence.

The Report Post icon looks like a warning triangle.

How do I do the Multi-Quote?

At the bottom right corner of the box that you wish to quote there is a double quote button - click this and it will turn red.

Do the same on the other post(s) you wish to quote.  When you have highlighted all the ones you want to quote click on the normal quote button on the last one you wish to quote.

What do the little arrow things mean at the side of the threads?

The arrows will take you to your first unread post in that thread to save you reading backwards or trawling through many pages of posts.

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