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Thread: A Guide for Virgin Holidays / Tesco Deals

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    Post A Guide for Virgin Holidays / Tesco Deals

    Hi all,

    I've noticed throughout the site that lots of people are using their deals for Virgin Holidays and many people seem to have similar questions.

    As I recently booked with Virgin and used deals I thought I would post what I know in the hope that it can be used as a reference and any updates can be added to this thread.


    Tesco vouchers can be used for full or part payment of your Virgin Holidays.

    If you have to full amount of the holiday in deals vouchers the only cash you will end up paying is fuel surcharges / taxes (however on rare occasions this has been paid with Deals depending on the rep on the phone but don't expect to get the discount).

    Tesco vouchers can not be used in conjunction with any other discount or deal (again on rare occasion it has been paid - try it but don't expect it)

    In order to use Tesco vouchers holiday must be booked a minimum of 6 weeks in advance.

    Vouchers can not be used for flight only deals - accommodation must also be booked.

    Tesco vouchers can not be used for additional excursions, car rental of flight upgrades (again it has happened in the past but don't expect it).

    Be aware that if you do not pay the whole amount in vouchers you may be asked to pay a deposit for the holiday - this is something else that can differ from rep to rep but if you go prepared to have to pay a 5% deposit then if you don't its a lovely surprise and you have extra spending money!

    Preparation Before Ordering

    Its best to have all Deals vouchers delivered and in hand before booking your holiday. Virgin take all the voucher codes off you over the phone so its wise to have them ready to give - plus if you have them all in hand then you know how much you can spend!

    Please note that you can not book and then pay with vouchers at a later date - Virgin will only accept deals vouchers at the time on booking - any others will be declined so this is another reason to have all our vouchers in hand!

    Have a general idea of where you want to go - you might not know the exact resort you want to go to but take a look online and draw up a list of 4/5 that you would be happy to stay in - that way you will be more prepared when calling.

    Know the time period you want to book and check that all dates in this period are free - check with work / family / dog sitters / cat sitters etc to make sure there are no complications after you have booked!

    Makes sure your passports are valid! Emergency passports are both stressful and expensive (trust me I've found on in the past!).

    The number that is sent on the piece of paper with your deals quotes a number that informs Virgin straight away that you intend to use deals as a method of part / full payment - look up the normal number off the website for where you intend to go and use that when you call - then they will be non the wiser!

    When Calling

    Most inportantly - DO NOT MENTION YOU WILL BE PAYING WITH CLUBCARD DEALS! This will stop the prices being hiked up to compensate for the payment method.

    Be polite to the person on the phone and build a rapor - they are more likely to find you a better deal if you make the call more pleasurable for them.

    Give them a guide of how much you are prepared to spend - that will save time turing down more expensive options.

    When given an option of flights and resorts ensure you confirm the flight times and board type you are looking for (Full Board, All Inclusive etc) to check they fit with what your looking for.

    Ask if the resort is undergoing any maintenance of development while you are staying.

    Confirm an exact price - once they have given you an exact figure they can not go back on it when you have stated you wish to pay in Tesco deals.

    Don't get caught up in the excitement - remember you can always get them to save your quote and call up a few days later when you have thought about it.

    Confirm the full address that you need to send your vouchers to.

    Post Booking

    Most importantly Virgin require your vouchers to reach them within 3 working days from your phone call. I suggest you send these Special delivery - not only will they be guaranteed by 9am the next morning you will also be insured for upto ?2,000.00 if they are lost.

    Once you know the definite dates once again check with work / family / friends to check all is in order - there is nothing worse than booking and finding out you've mixed up the dates! (As I found out!)

    You will be able to use the details of your booking (you will be sent a basic letter within 2 weeks of booking) to log into the Virgin Holidays website and see if your discounts have come off - don't panic if they do not come off straight away - they can take upto 4-6 weeks for the discounts to come off. If 6 weeks after your booking your vouchers are still not off your order I'd call and investigate.

    Don't panic about tickets / welcome packs - in order for Virgin to ensure you don't loose your tickets they will send out your full details a minimum of 10 days before your holiday - there is not point calling them and waiting on the phone to be told exactly the same thing by a rep. If 10 days before you have not received them then obviously call and chase them.

    Contact your doctors office and find out what vaccinations you may need before traveling - remember some require a 4-6 week course to class you as safe to travel.

    Get everything ready at least 2 days before - don't do the whole packing the night before thing - you will more than likely discover that you have forgot something or need to buy something - doing it all 2 days before give you a chance to sort out any last min problems!

    During The Holiday

    Enjoy it! Its the culmination of all your points collecting - don't get hung up on the small things. Even if you have the most awful holiday in the world try and make the most out of it - you didn't pay for it Mr.T did!
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    Thanks for the info, am looking to book at the end of next Quarter, so very interested in your experiences.

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    I fly in 3 days so you won't have to wait long for a full review! haha

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    Great idea, thanks for the info and have a fantastic holiday

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    Thanks for all the info. Hope you have a great holiday

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    Great review M3 Would rep you but hey, just for a change I have to spread my love around a bit first.

    Only thing I would add is that even if you think you get to use vouchers unexpectedly for things like transfers or internal flights at the booking stage you are not home and dry. I received a letter a few days afterwards saying the rep on the phone had made a mistake and they would take an additional ?200 odd pound from the deposit I had given them

    Also, try to make sure that you think of everything at the booking stage (added extra;s etc) and hope you don't get any problems such as above. I found the reps on the phone to be beyond reproach and fab but the after sales service seems to be based abroad and was pretty abysmal. Even if the holiday is free

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    Completely agree Penfold.

    I got completely caught up in the excitement on the phone while getting a price that I booked it there and then - only the next day when I went to work did I find out I'd already booked those dates off to go to a festival! Stupid mistake I know but one I wont make again! We're all human and can make mistakes so check all is in order before confirming!

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    Another thing to point out is that you can't add vouchers to the cost after the initial booking. IYSWIM

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    May I just add that the lady who sorted out this whole disaster was so patient with me that I class if as the best customer service I have ever received (she worked in the booking dept and said that if I had any probs with my booking call her within 48 hours and she would sort it out) - sent off a letter to Virgin explaining why I think she should get a payrise - I know in reality she probably won't I hope she at least was made aware of my comments!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beej View Post
    Another thing to point out is that you can't add vouchers to the cost after the initial booking. IYSWIM
    Good point Beej - I'll add now

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