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Thread: PineCone Research

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    they are looking for people with children under the age of 3 and a half at the moment.

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    thanks zoe for the refferal
    If I help please Rep.

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    Thanks for the referral Zoe! xx
    Just tried to rep you but have to spread it around first lol xx
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    Not enough hours in the day right now..........

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    vippymini Guest


    Thanks hun xx

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    could someone refer me please? i have a little girl whos 2. eva xx
    expecting my second baby on 21/9/07!!! getting bigger!

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    Your best PMing one of the people who has received the email incase you miss out
    Changes .... PTS is going through Changes ...

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    Default Pinecone research and paypal

    Just a little post to let any longstanding members of pinecone research know that you can now be payed into paypal instead of luncheon vouchers.
    just log in and it should give you a link on your info page.
    cheers pookie.

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    Thanks for the referal have .

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    Been accepted! Thanks again Zoe.

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    Default PineCone Research

    Hi All

    I am wondering if anybody who does the surveys for PineCone research ever gets asked for referalls?

    My Daughter and I would love to be referred - every extra penny counts.

    Could I ask you kindly to PM me if you have a link?

    Parents hold their children's hands for a while and their hearts forever.

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