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Thread: Consumer Pulse

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    My sign up is for 250 points per the sign up bonus of 5000 points aswell.

    Also got first survey for points today
    1/6/12 = Now mortgage free

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    Reading more about this over on mse, it appears us new sign ups do get a quota of 10000 points per month, the only difference is that newbies would have to put in double the amount of shopping than previous members to get the same rewards.

    Also got a survey today for 500 pts, i do remember that once a month you used to get a telecoms survey worth 1000 pts so the vouchers can mount up.

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    Does anyone know how long they tak to credit points, gone past 12 and points from the weekend still not showing on our account.

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    Just a word of warning with consumer pulses points totals for adding items, they appear to calculate incorrectly sometimes.
    I have had this twice now, you enter an amount of items and the total of reward points does not tally with the amount entered.
    This also gives the user the impression they have reached their monthly max totals. I entered various items, total tally only half of what expected so i canx some items and logged out and logged back in again and entered the additional items and a new total tally figure emerged with the points expected in the first place.

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