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Thread: Consumer Pulse

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    Quote Originally Posted by clareo122 View Post
    that takes me to text and vote which I'm already a member of are they the same thing? as I don't get anything from test and vote don't see the point in it to get entrys into the draw
    Also takes me to test and vote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamzie View Post
    I think you need to clear cookies Claire, otherwise it defaults to T&V site, iyswim. Or try a different browser, that what I did for my sister.
    try clearing your cookies, that should work.
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    Morning all, Just a quick question about consumer pulse. how many points do you need before you can convert into vouchers. I click on the Rewards Centre & it wont load up :0(

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    i think its 10000 for a ten pounds voucher

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    Ooh TY. I think i have enough then. I just hope it'll load up properly! I must get broadband, im still on the ancient dial up

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    I didn't fit either, ohh!!!!!
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    Consumer pulse is the best survey / shopping site I've found. I joined in Sept and I have had ?70 of Argos vouchers already.
    I paid ?80 for my holiday Mr.T paid ?3465

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    I know you get 500 points per week when you complete shopping but do you get any points per item you buy too?
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    Yes you get 500 points for each item you enter up to a maximum of 20 items each month
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    Quote Originally Posted by andylaine View Post
    Yes you get 500 points for each item you enter up to a maximum of 20 items each month

    i wondered why i didn't get anymore points for the items ive bought and only got 500 for checkout, its cause ive put in more than 20 already
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