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Thread: Ebay Sellers List

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    I am 123claira on ebay and I basically sell everything that isn't nailed down in my house and I have been known to pick up some very cheap (but excellent quality!!) brazil shorts for ?2.50 at my local Q&S during a certain world cup and sell them for a lovely ?7.50 to some very generous londoners who were thrilled. I would love to work out the profit margin but I'm afraid I got an un graded in my maths o' level!!! any help much appreciated.

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    my id is ells1981 or my shop is called I Love Sparkle. I sell toys and gifts.
    Also selling a few clothes and bits on my other id which is jadeyk

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    gillianellamaffum all kinds of everything ... kids shoes n trainers, kids clothes, toys.. anything me n the kids get that we (or actually I) don't want, need or like!
    occasional tesco vouchers... I didn't know about this place till today!!

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    hello and welcome
    if you want to increase your clubcard points check out this link

    have a good look around the site, you'll find loads of tips. Any questions just ask, there is always someone willing to help.

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    My selling id is jemsgalore1 and also have a shop Jems Galores Bargains and I sell new kids clothes and sometimes ladies and mens, I'm also a Powerseller.

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    I just wondered if helstrading was a PTS poster. She bids and wins on an awful lot of Tesco vouchers

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    My Ebay name is totally_angelic and I sell mostly excellent condition kid's and adult's clothing, plus anything else which I think somebody out there might want!
    Now collecting airmiles

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    Default widdlerontheroof

    My OH sells on ebay , might be something outhere for the err bustier lady ,


    the gents might even find an xmas present or 2.

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    Thanks damu. There's quite a good range there.

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    kurty01 Guest


    kurtybaby01 currently selling my mpv, approx 100 dvds and books. and baby things.

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