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    Hi Brad,

    Just to let you know that you need to train your staff better who answer your live chat service in the premium members section. A question i asked about confirming cashback was answered incorrectly by your operator.

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    Hmm downgraded to basic account (as last email I got from them - on previous page!)
    Haven't used for a while (only use for clicksnap & today I got this)

    Payment amount ?1.15
    (It's been paid into your nominated bank or PayPal account, please allow three
    working days for it to clear)
    We've held back ?0.95 from this payment as the Quidco retention fee.

    WHY are they holding back 95p - do they know what they are doing? Looked and I still have a BASIC account.
    NO more Tescos for me and 'customer service?' by Basil Fawlties - WHY didn't they let them watch the WHOLE of the training DVD's?

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    They did the same when I downgraded.

    I was refunded the annual fee at downgrade time but then they took some more back from my payment, so I had to complain and get that refunded too.

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