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Thread: The Secret Millionaire

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    channel 4

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    Bless you Winston

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    sorry Mav - had dashed off to switch telly on. Didn't think was quite as good tonight. although the guy with the martial arts gym and stuff seemed lovely! Bless - he was just truly speechless.
    I love PTS but I want my garage back!

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    I didnt think it was as good either and the nicest guy was IMHO the guy from the gym i got the impression that he didnt really want to help any of them

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    Missed it last night, but not one of the better one's by the sound of things!

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    I also thought it was not that good! He did not give away much money! He only gave the guy in the gym ?6000, I did not feel like he was keen to help!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Floosy View Post
    Its superb loved the guy who gave the young mother ?18,000 - a care home ?12,000 and the old couple ?10,000
    I thought he was great, a genuine nice guy and he kept crying - bless him!!

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    i agree - we kinda sat there thinking it was going to be a lot more (like some of the others) and when it had finished dh made a good point........he probably got more back than he gave out in the form of interest from the bank within a couple of days anyway!!

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    didn't see it last night but watched it today on 4od

    i had mixed feeling about it but probably cos it was all close to home for me. I used to play on that park when i was a kid growing up and hang about on those streets when i was a younger teenager. That area has totally changed over the years

    I though he might have given more

    I liked the guy from the gym.. made me smile when he said his giro had paid for most of it

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    Yeah the millionnaire guy kinda made me laugh. He didn't seem emotionally involved at all with any of the receivers. Did he not want to part with his cash perhaps? He seemed to hand over the cheque then want to get out of there as fast as he could!!
    I love PTS but I want my garage back!

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