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Thread: 2008 - Stop the stinky smoke support thread

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    Default 2008 - Stop the stinky smoke support thread

    Tomorrow is the date that I try to kick the habit - again.

    I have my patches ready, my inhalator ready.
    I will buy my last packet today, and when they are gone I am gonna hopefully not buy another packet for a long time.

    23:45 this evening I will light my last cigarette (fingers crossed) and then all lighters will go in the bin at 12:00 tonight (depending on how merry I am)
    My main downfall is first thing in the morning, so the inhalator will help then. (instant hit)
    I cant use the 24hr patches, they affect my sleep.

    I will take all my vitamins first thing in the morning to replace one habit with another.

    When OH comes home from work, instead of going outside for a cig with him, I will ask about his day----- that's no good, that'll bore me rigid, I need da plan for then!
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    Oh Good luck with it. You know clubcard deals do the Allan Carr thing - or they used to. That is supposed to be good.

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    Good luck, Deedee, hope you manage to kick it. Just keep thinking of your fresher breathe, clearer skin, money saved and hopefully all round better health.

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    and on NSD as well.


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    Good luck Dee, I'm into my 11th week now and feel great, although I have tried many many times before, so I know how difficult it can be. I've tried many kinds of NRT and have found the one that suits me best is the gum (also an instant hit) and has stopped me overeating to compensate.

    If DH is still smoking, instead of accompanying him, keep yourself busy, have an extra story or game with DS.

    If you need any help, advice or just someone to sound off at when your feeling uptight, you can pm me anytime

    Big hugs

    Zoe x
    'Slimmer for Summer' Weightloss 69/112lb

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    Good Luck Dee!

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    I gave up just over 2 years ago. It was not easy.
    I went cold turkey - no patches, inhalers etc.
    I changed all my habits.
    I used to use the kitchen phone when I made phone calls(I only smoked it my kitchen and convinced myself this was OK!). i always had a cigarette on the phone. I stopped using the kitchen phone and used my bedroom phone.
    In the evening when I felt like a cigarette, instead of reaching for a cigarette I reached for my daughters gameboy and played scrabble.
    I sent everyone at work an email telling them I had given up and asking them not to ask me 'how it is going'. This stopped me from thinking about it.
    I changed my drinking habits - I always associated spirits and cigarettes. So I started drinking wine.
    These are just some things that helped me get through.

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    You can do it Deedee, we are all here to support you

    Go Deedee go

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    Well done already Dee... you have done the hardest thing IMO already.

    In February I will have been ciggie free for 1 year. I would be lying to you if I said I don't miss it, but I have changed for the better and the best thing is that I only stink of BO now and not BO and stale ciggies

    When I first gave up, I thought about it all the time. Then as the weeks and months have gone by, I can go days and even a week without thinking about it. It does get easier, I promise.

    One thing that helped me was chewing gum, not the smokers one, just normal stuff and also think about opening a seperate account so you can put away the money you would have smoked. It will soon build up.

    May the force be with you and anyone else Quitting this year
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    good luck hinney! you can do it

    Gave up myself about 2 years ago - after many attempts this time I really dont miss them, I always used to think I was missing out by giving up and went back to them after a 7 year gap and again after 4 years off them but not this time.

    Tip: fill a jar of a few dead tab ends & a little water, screw the lid on tight and when you fancy a fag, have a smell, that might help???

    M x
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