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Thread: Sending back unused vouchers

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    Default returning unused vouchers?

    Hi, I want to have ?60 of MFI vouchers recredited to my account. Do I need to phone CS first and how long will it take to be credited?

    I don't suppose I can use them anywhere else rather than sending them back?

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    Flo you can use them anywhere else apart from the pay in full deals.

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    Thanks, so I could use them at the dry cleaners on the deals or for days out. Saves me stress waiting to see if they recredit them and I have curtains which need dry cleaning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flo View Post
    Thanks, so I could use them at the dry cleaners on the deals or for days out. Saves me stress waiting to see if they recredit them and I have curtains which need dry cleaning.
    Soory Flo - I don't think you can use them at the dry cleaners ! ! !

    (check with CS)

    But can use them for most of the restaurants & days out locations

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  5. Default unused deal tokens

    i have some unused deal tokens Nationwide Autocentres MOT/Service
    Product code: S7000 is there any other product i can use these with i dont want to have them put back on my account (1) it is a pain and (2) i used various accounts and dont know which accounts they belong to and would feel a right plank trying to explain to the tesco chimps on the phone why i cant remember which account there from and explaining it is there wine that i have a ocean of is the problem my memory is what it is
    thanx THE REAPER

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    Hi Points Reaper. Nice to see you posting.
    Sorry that I can't help on this, but I am sure someone will be able to when they see it.

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    Hello Points Reaper, if you go to the deals section and put in S7000 it gives you a list of where you can use that deal.... looks like it is only that one I'm afraid....

    anyone else you say has deal tokens for instance on S3010 and put that in it would bring up a long list of things.....
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    I've just used days out deals tokens in cafe rouge today. Someone posted a while ago that you can use the un-named tokens for any deals other than the ones which come with your surname printed on. So in theory you can't use them for holidays, hotels, goldsmiths or MFI but should be ok for days out, dry cleaning or restaurants.
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    If it starts with an S you can use them for anything that isn't a total spend (Alton Towers passes for instance do not have a monetary value as such). I often use other vouchers for meals etc with no problems. Hope this helps.
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    As Suzywoo says......check out the first paragraph on this.....

    I've used them in Bella Italia fine. I know what you mean about sending them back...I've got a couple of Virgin ?100 ones that I can't figure out which account the belong too...OOOPPS!!!

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