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Thread: Which Is The Best Survey?

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    Default Which Is The Best Survey?

    CIAO surveys and reviews Pays from 50p to over ?3.00 per survey. Transfer payment to bank

    Globaltestmarket Pays 50 points upwards. Points are fixed against the US Dollar at 5 cents per Market point. Claim when you have 1000 points. Cheque sent in post.

    IPSOS Pays in Boots, Argos or Smiths vouchers, in ?2, ?5 or ?10 denominations.

    NewVista Pays from ?1 -?4 per survey - payment by cheque when you reach ?50. You need to be quick because the surveys soon close.

    LightspeedAverage 3 or 3 surveys a week. 100, 200 or sometimes 300 points per survey. 545 points for a ?5 reward. Choice of e-vouchers or paypal payment.

    My SurveyAverage 1 survey a week. Points can be exchanged for vouchers, Necar points or donated to charity.
    Pinecone - pays ?4 per survey in luncheon vouchers or paypal. The only way you can join is if your are lucky enough to spot a working link in a banner or if they are recruiting and ask members to refer people. Keep checking on here for referrals which, by the way, the member gets nothing for doing so is allowed.

    Valued Opinions Average 2 - 3 surveys a week. Pay ?1 - ?2 a survey. Minimum of ?5 to claim a wide choice of vouchers which arrive in 21 - 28 days.

    YouGov Not frequent, maybe 1 a week. Pays from 50p - ?1 a survey. Pays out a cheque when you get to ?50 which takes a while.
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    juicy brains is my fave at mo, pays ?1 per survey , or 25p if you do not qualify.

    they pay out in ?5 amazon vouchers, and vouchers arrive withing 48 hours more often than not , its there within hours

    usually do a survey or 2 a week, have cashed in over ?100 in last 9 months

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    Ciao - average 2 a day at the moment qualify for most of the surveys
    pay out in cash. 7-14 days to arrive in account

    Valued opinions - average 2-3 a week normally get thru You need a min ?5 to request a reward. Pay anything from ?1 - ?2 a survey
    pay out in vouchers Quite a wide choice. Up to 28 days for vouchers to arrive , usually 21 days though.

    lightspeed - average 2-3 a week qualifying is a bit hit and miss. you need a min 545 points for a reward. surveys pay 100 - 200 points with the odd one 300 +
    rewards have just changed Paypal, Amazon and HMV e codes I think. E codes instant, payapl a few days.

    TNS average- 1 a week usually 200-230 Nectar points. Added to Nectar account every month

    you gov - lucky to get 1 a week, if you refer someone you also get a % of their survey reward. Pay 50p -?1 per survey and can be long winded
    pays out in cash but not till you get to ?50 been a member for 2 months and I have ?10

    I am signed up for all these as well as hubby
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    After about a year I'm ?3.75 away from getting a ?50 voucher from YouGov! Don't mind as the surveys never take too long to do.

    Signed upto Juicy Brains but not heard from them. Do I need to keep logging into check for surveys or will they e-mail me?

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    I signed up to Juicy Brains last week, and a few days later I received an email inviting me to participate in a survey. The survey was quick and easy and I earned ?1 towards qualifying for an amazon voucher.

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    how do i go about signing up for doing surveys online

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    I've been with yougov for over a year 1/2 now and have had 2 cheques from them of ?50, well worth doing!

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    I signed up for test and vote via quidco. Does anyone know anything about them. Is it worth doing their surveys?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohsobusy View Post
    I signed up for test and vote via quidco. Does anyone know anything about them. Is it worth doing their surveys?
    I've found some of their surveys tediously long, and one can wait months to get their rewards through - so I must admit I lost interest . . ...

    Maybe I should revisit - but never seem to have the time - am always in Tesco!!!!!

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    If you ever find a link for Pinecone Research get in quick, they are brilliant and pay ?4 Luncheon vouchers for every survey and they usually arrive a few days after completion.
    They've paid for many a Nando's meals for me and mine

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