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Thread: Asda Bargain Buys - please put expiry date of offer in your post

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    24 pouches of whiskas for ?4. Also 8 pouches of cat food called feline fayre (all fish flavours) for ?1 instead of ?2 something. Just bought a load of these myself as they work out to be very good value. Says 60% fish on the box. Sorry no expiry x

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    Dog food also 12 for ?4 - its pet week - I did put 2 packs on my basket them took them out as I still have loads left from Tescos 43p glitch

    Also muller lights 2 packs for ?3 I think cant find receipt now

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    Bunny brunch and guinea pig food now ?1, (usually about ?1.70)
    WAGG (working dog formula) 12kg bag ?5
    Dentastix 28 for ?5

    Frubes 12 pk ?1

    Snowy bites 50p
    Elf chocolate bars 10p
    Crackers ?2.50

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    Bold washing tablets, 24 pack ?3.00 reduced from ?6.88. As far as I can tell it was just the lavender ones.

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    Default More chocolate anyone?

    Saw Wispa golds in my local asda 2 days ago for 25p.
    Someone on HDUK has just confirmed they have also got them in a differen store so I guess this is a national offer.

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    All party food reduced in freezer section this week. Chicken skewers 50p, Bruschettas 50p, mini toad in the hole 50p, chinese dim sum selection ?1, 60 piece prawn platter ?2, mini ice creams (like cornettos) 50p.

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    Asda 4 pint milk semi and full fat ?1.23 instore and online

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    cadbury chocolate coins down to 25p a bag

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    No wine left, boo hoo


    Muller Corners 6 packs 2 for ?3, Quorn packs mince etc 2 for ?2, Red onions 2 for ?1, Penguin biscuits 18 pack 2 for ?3, Packet sauces Chicken etc 4 for ?1, Canned veg 3 for ?1 I bought sweetcorn, Flash sprays ?1 each, Bannana's yesterday were reduced to 40p a kg, Arla 1% milk ?1
    The Great Australian Adventure done & dusted and had an excellent time, Thanks Mr T

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