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Thread: The PTS FAQ

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    Default The PTS FAQ

    If this is your first time reading this and you have just joined the site

    Once you have found your feet, why not introduce yourself to us on the forum... we are a friendly bunch

    I hope that you will find lots of information on getting the most for your money, which is even more important to everyone with the cost of living increasing. PTS is mainly Tesco's driven, but does have information on other supermarkets, loyalty schemes, cashback sites & freebies.

    I would like to make this thread a one stop shop helpful index, so if you have another question that isn't listed here, please ask your question HERE where it can be answered and the FAQ updated.

    Newbie Information

    Please have a read of the Forum Rules – they are very important.

    Where do I start with point's collecting?
    You can start Here to get some ideas and read on through the FAQ – Thanks/Rep to go to Maldives

    Where can I get advice and tips on point's collecting?
    You can have a look Here - Some spot on advice that most of up live by or should do! – Thanks/Rep to go to Triker

    Forum Information

    What do all the abbreviations mean?
    Have a look Here and all will be revealed – Thanks/Rep to go to Gizmos

    What does a Reputation do and what does it mean?
    A reputation is a way of approving of a post, whether it is because of the information it contains, the comment or opinion or even if someone made you laugh. Please note that as the forum is archived and tidied up, reputation points can decease.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Gizmos

    Tesco - General Information

    What is a temporary clubcard and how do I register it?
    If you lose your clubcard you can pick up a temporary card when your next in Tesco’s.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Dune

    What are swaps and can anyone do them?
    There is a section in the forum which allows you to swap Till Spits, MOC’s Points etc for things you are more likely to use. *Please click on the link below if you wish to do this*
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to SuzyWoo

    Multiple and Virtual Account Info
    Further Info To Follow

    Tesco - Points Information

    What is H&B & how to use H&B and where to find them?
    H&B (Health & Beauty) vouchers can be found in Tesco’s, but generally only the ones with Pharmacies. They are leaflets giving points for purchasing certain items or money off.
    Further Info To Follow

    What is this Pointschecker people have mentioned?
    It is a genius invention from one of our Moderators, Marmaliser. It allows you to input your Clubcard numbers into a database, remembers them and lets you to go off and find out your points total at the click of a button.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Marmaliser

    Where can I find the points league table for the forum?
    Some people prefer not to post a points total, but you might want to admire the serious collectors
    Further Info Here

    What would you consider maximum points for each account/card?
    Some people say 10,000 pts, others 15,000 pts. The thread below might help you decide what your comfortable with.
    Discussion: Here

    Help!! Tesco's have said they are not going to let me have my CC vouchers changed into Deals?
    The best advice I ever read was post from taxiphil - Here. Just incase his post is archived off I have copied it below. Please remember to rep him - Here.

    Quote Originally Posted by taxiphil View Post
    I know that my Private Message box is full and I just want to say sorry to everyone who I haven't replied to.

    I've spent a lot of time helping of people in the past who've had points removed, but helping just one person can be extremely time consuming and unfortunately I've been absolutely inundated with requests for help, and simply don't have the time to help everyone I'm afraid.

    The people who post publicly about their points being removed are just a tiny fraction of the people who PM me to say it's happened to them - the scale of the problem is much bigger than it appears on the forum, as most people don't want it to become public knowledge (quite understandably).

    If you trawl back through my previous posts you should find loads of advice and most of your questions answered, and you could also give the following a shot:

    * CAG forums - a great bunch of people, many of whom are legally qualified -

    * Community Legal Service - free legal advice - 0845 345 4 345 -

    * Your local Citizens Advice Bureau -

    * Consumer Direct - (although personally I don't have much faith in these people - it's a shoddy government call centre gimmick in my opinion and I've heard too many stories about them giving wrong advice)

    * The Legal Helpline on your home insurance (if you don't have it, take out a new policy with Legal Assistance as an added option, and if you do a clever bit of Quidcoing, and just buy the buildings or contents but not both, it could end up costing you next to nothing)

    * And if you get really desperate, there's always

    Whatever you do, fight Tesco if they've taken your points - as we've seen numerous times they're bullies who behave as if they're above the law, but they have a funny habit of caving in when a court hearing looms.

    You might be surprised at how easy it is to sue, just go to Make sure you fill in the value of the points in Deals (i.e. x 4), and not the base value of the points.

    The court fee is on a sliding scale and will be calculated automatically by the moneyclaim site, but for example, claiming for ?500 will cost ?35, ?1000 will cost ?60, ?2000 will cost ?80. And don't forget that if you win, Tesco will have to reimburse you this court fee on top of what you win.

    Enter the defendant's name and address as Tesco Stores Limited, Tesco House, Delamere Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire EN8 9SL.

    The claim will be issued by Northampton County Court as they issue all online claims, but after Tesco submit their defence the case will be taken over by your local county court. Tesco will put in a defence, guaranteed, it's standard procedure - it will be much later on in the process when they buckle, and this could be a few months down the line, so patience is required.

    Now here's the important bit:

    If you're too scared of claiming because you think you wouldn't have the bottle to attend a court hearing (and I can totally understand how you feel), then I would definitely recommend taking a punt and issuing the claim anyway, as you can drop it at any time, right up until the day of the hearing. You won't have to give anyone a reason for this, and all you'll have lost is the court fee. It's just like folding in a game of poker!

    But just think of the odds - a ?35 stake to win ?500 when you've got such a high chance of winning.

    I'm 99% sure that Tesco will make you an out of court settlement offer (almost certainly after the court have set a date for the hearing). This offer will probably be for a fraction of the amount you are claiming, so reject, reject, reject and stick to your guns until they offer you something you're happy with. (Remember Deals aren't really worth 4x the amount - we all know most things can be bought for less by paying cash, so even a settlement of 75% of your claim value could be a decent result for you).

    Even if you take a step back from the legal arguments and look at it purely from a PR point of view, Tesco simply aren't going to let a matter like this get thrashed out in a public courtroom, as it would make the national headlines. And that would be enormously damaging for Tesco, regardless of who wins in court, as they are paranoid about the public perceiving them as bullies. So remember, Tesco are more scared than you are by the thought of a court hearing!

    Hope that helps a few people.

    Really sorry I can't give individual advice anymore, I hope people will understand that it was just taking up too many hours out of my life.
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    Till Spit Information

    What are Till Spits?!
    Till spits are bonus points or money off products that are printed alongside your receipt if your lucky!
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go to janedoe

    Tesco - Mailings Information

    When do all the Club mailings come out and the normal Tesco’s vouchers
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Pumpkin

    Where can I sign up for the Tesco’s Clubs?
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Gizmos

    Money Off Coupons and Codes

    Where can I find MOC’s?
    You can find them in-store promotion stands, in local papers, national papers, on products you buy or even eBay!
    See Also: Buy It Now Thread in the next post or click Here

    How do I know they are real?
    Most of us go by experience but you should check for known fakes before purchasing any from eBay.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to tyroleandancer

    How do I read coupons so I know the value of them?
    You need to read the code from right to left (backwards)
    You ignore the very last digit then the 3 next last digits are the scannable amount for example:

    9 917600 031000 - This would be ?1 in value.
    9 917265 900406 - This would be 40p in value.

    Coupons ending 000 prompts an amount to be entered by the Sales Assistant and sometimes 999 too.

    Do companies still give out MOC's?
    It can't hurt to ask. The thread below mentions the companies other members have tried and tested.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to bluedog

    What is the Tesco policy on MOC’s?
    Head Office has said for some time that it is the following:
    “A customer can use one of each different type of MOC regardless of product brought. However if they buy the product they can use: 1 product - 2 MOC (of the same type), 2 products - 3 MOC’s (of the same type)”
    To be honest, it all depends on the SA. Some will only accept them if you buy the product, others say 10% of the shop and some won’t except internet coupons. My moto is to only buy what you need, that way any extra money off with coupons is a bonus.

    What is the policy on MOC’s at other Supermarkets?
    Waitrose: Depends on the store. Always check with CS. Policies vary from: 2 Manufacturers, 1 Printed. 50% or 1/3rd off your shopping. Discussion: Here
    Morrisons, Sainsburys, Co-op: Only if you by the product.
    ASDA: Generally 10%.
    Lidl's, Netto & Aldi: No policy reported.
    If in doubt, ask

    Can I find MOC’s on the internet and can I print some?
    Yes you can. It’s best to print them off in colour where possible as some SA's don't like black and white due to them looking like photocopies.
    Further Info Here - See Monthly Threads

    Can I use a money off code for my online shopping and where can I find a list?
    You can use money off codes and a list is kept as up to date as possible.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Gizmos

    What does banking a code mean and how do I do it?
    Banking a code is a way of saving an active code before it is used to it's maximum amount of customers allowed. Codes normally work pre BOGOF items too.

    If you want to bank a code, you need to do a dummy order on Sometimes you only have to put a couple of items in your basket, but other times if it is a ?50 minimum order you will have to put that value in your basket before it accepts your order. Choose any delivery date, then it will take you to the payment screen and this is the page that gives you the option to add your code, if it is accepted it will stay on your account when you log out. When you go back later to palce your real order your code *should* be 'banked' ready. Make sure you don't forget use them before the expiry date and that you clear your basket after you have banked or you will end up with the 6 Bottles of Vodka you used to bulk to order out.
    Further Info Here

    Nappy & Baby Food MOC Mailing Glitches
    With the Baby Mailing points now turning to MOC's, this thread has members experiences on what MOC's from the mailing is being accepted against various products.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to tyroleandancer


    What are Gift Cards and where can I get them?
    These can be found at the end of the tills and sometimes in the entertainment or greeting card sections. You need to load the money onto the card at the till. Just hand over the card and you will be asked the amount you would like added.
    They can have a value up to ?100 and last 5 years after the last use.
    You can use them for Shopping – instore and online, Fuel & Tesco Direct. They can also be used online to pay for flowers, CDs, DVDs, and books.
    It take a few hours for the fund to activate on the card, so if you intend on buying one with your shopping and then using it for fuel, this may no work.
    Check your Giftcard Balances Here – FAQ Here

    What is a Clubcard Plus card?
    Also known as CC+ for short. These are prepaid cards issued by Tesco Personal Finance and work by funds being added onto your card via Direct Debit on a monthly basis or at the Customer Service desk. The big plus is that they give you Double Points when you use it to pay.
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go to Tiger

    Where can I find more information on the Tesco’s Credit card?
    It acts as a Clubcard in its own right and a payment card in its own right.
    You can 1 point per every 4 whole ? spent on it which are the personal finance bonus points.
    To find out current rate or to sign up you need to look here: Tesco Clubcard Credit Card
    Further Info Here (Lost the link - Sorry, info to follow)

    What are the best surveys around?
    Tiger has put together a list of information on tried and tested companys.
    Further Info Here - Thanks/Rep to go to Tiger


    Where can I get more information on recycling with Tesco’s to get points?
    The easiest way to earn points is to reuse your carrier bags. Every time you do you should have points added on at the till.

    You can also recycle ink cartridges (30 per household per year) for 100 points each or donate ?1 each to charity.
    Mobile phones can also be recycled (5 per household per year) for 300 points each or donate ?3 each to charity. You might be able to find some old 500 point envelopes on the Giveaway Thread, Swaps or eBay. The new mobile recycling could also mean you could get money back via a Gift Card or airtime.

    You need to be looking for envelopes in your local Tesco by looking near the leaflet holders by the tills and also where the ink cartridges and mobile phones are sold.
    Further Info on: Carrier Bags (Does anyone have the information on how many point depending on the bag you have? Thanks)
    Further Info on: Ink Recycling - See if your cartridge qualifiesOrder Cartridge Envelopes
    Further Info on: Mobile Recycling (Inc what your phone may be worth in cash!)

    Recycling sites that still give points!
    Now limited, but recycling at Tesco's sites can give you points through using one of their machines, a list has been started below.
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go Tuckerpoo
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    Clubcard Deals Information

    Ultimate Guide to Info on Deals Tokens
    Want to know if your deal vouchers are likely to come with your surname or postcode on?
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go to Khufu
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go to Mamzie

    My order for deal vouchers has not arrived. What should I do?
    You need to wait more than 14 days for deal vouchers to arrive. If after this time they still haven't arrived, give them a call with your order number and explain that they have not turned up. They will then re-issue them for you.

    Can I send deal vouchers back?
    Yes, send the tokens along with a covering letter to the following address, they should be able to credit them back to your account. If you then receive the original deal along with your reissued ones Do Not Use Them!!!, please destroy them or send them back.

    Tesco Freetime Limited
    P.O.BOX 654
    RH10 1RG

    0808 100 0707
    01293 433 600

    Misc Information

    Fancy selling some of your H&B, Baby or Tesco Direct stash?
    Have a look at the carboot thread for ideas on how you get started, where your local is and what to price things at.
    Further Info Here – Thanks/Rep to go SuzyWoo

    Regional Chat Threads

    Looking for members in your area or something region specific, have a look at these:

    Welsh Chat Thread - Here

    East Midlands Chat Thread - Here
    East Anglia Chat Thread - Here

    Monthly Threads -August

    General Monthly Chat Thread - Here
    Giveaway Thread - Here (Please, please, please remember to be polite, let the member know the giveaway has arrived and say thank you by leaving a rep - It's the done thing!)
    Newspaper MOC Thread - Here
    Magazine MOC Thread - Here
    Bargain Buy It Now Thread - Here
    Printable Coupons Thread - Here
    Grocery Challenge Thread - Here *Awaiting new link

    Ongoing Threads

    The Offical Which (Tesco's) Value to Buy / Avoid Thread - Here – Thanks/Rep to go Waterbaby
    Boots Giveaway Thread - Here (Please, please, please remember to be polite, let the member know the giveaway has arrived and say thank you by leaving a rep - It's the done thing!)
    Boots Offers & Glitches - Here – Thanks/Rep to go ninja_ang
    Quidco - NO Spend Offer - Money for Nothing - Here – Thanks/Rep to go sweepy
    Support our Soldiers - Here – Thanks/Rep to go Gizmos (Any excess H&B and gifts would be greatfully received, not just at Christmas time.)


    If any of the information changes, can be worded better, if you have started a thread or you have anything you would like adding, please PM me the information and I will be glad to add it to the FAQ.

    Thank you for reading and I hope it was helpful

    Floosy originally came up with this suggestion, I just ran with it, so don't forget to say thanks to her Here

    If you would like to thank me for this thread and keeping it updated, please click Here
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