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Thread: Simple things in the home that can help save the planet!

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    When running the tap in kitchen waiting for the HOT water instead of letting the cold run down the sink and waste fill a kettle or jug with it to use at a later date
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    Turn your heating down by 1 degree. Even this small amount will make a difference.

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    Energy saving light bulbs. In the hall and my front room i have ceiling light fittings (not chandeliers but the ones that are similar) and i dont think these will fit. Does anyone know of any makes of energy saving bulbs that would fit them?

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    Princess, if you have a good diy or hardware shop nearby, that hasn't been put of business by the likes of B & Q, take a dud bulb along to them so they can see the type of fitting and maybe they can get some for you.

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    princess_poppet Guest


    cheers tiger i will have a look round but dont think i have any little hardware shops near here!

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    I got some from ebay!
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    ive often wondered whether you can get energy saving spot lights but never seen any anywhere - can someone advise me differently?

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    It would be good to see some nice fittings that actually take the energy saving bulbs too. In my living room I've just got the bulb and no lampshade/ light fitting yet because I haven't found anything i like. There are plenty of nice light fittings if you have halogen bulbs but nothing which suits the energy saving ones.

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    Use green washing products
    Try and use washable nappies or biodegradable ones
    Try and buy products with less packaging re loose veg, do you need to put them in a bag.
    Reuse bags.
    Find inventive ways to recyle things.
    Use freecycle
    Buy recyled paper products
    If buying compost make sure its peat free. Wood and charcol from substainable sources.

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    Would you be able to tell me more about green washing products please?

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