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Thread: stopping smoking

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    Default stopping smoking

    can any please tell me if they have had hynotherapy to stop them smoking???

    my other half can give up ok (well almost) but find staying off them really hard and has a bad temper

    does any one have any advice on what he can take to keep him calm??

    thanks in advance

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    Has he tried patches/gum/inhalators
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    tried all of them and also zyban and champix

    he can stop ok but then finds it hard to stay stopped and is very grumpy without cigs

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    Check all the stop smoking things as i gave up 18 months ago when the smoking ban came in, in wales. Then 2 weeks later found out i was preggers so that gave me the will power and strength to stay off them. Even now most days i want a ciggy i smoked up to 40 a day.
    I use the patches and inilator together you werent suppose to but getting thru them first few weeks when you worked in a small office ( almost a broom cupboard) with a heavy smoker that had a cig everytime they went to wee was hard as being preggers your sense of smell heightens.

    But a lot of them now like the inilator say you can use them for afew weeks whilst you cut down. Cutting down is easier than just going cold turkey as allows you to have bad days w/o feeling soooo guilty hat you want to quit , quitting.
    Then when your ready do the patches as long as you need to,the doctor wasnt happy ( we get patches free on NHS in wales under certain health conditions). Using patches 4/5 months is preferable to smoking.

    I stepped down to next step when i was ready and not b4 as explained to docs i gave up smoking 8 years ago exactly as packet said i only lasted 4 weeks w/o pacthes b4 i smoked again .
    I do think its much easier now smoking is banned in pubs as that was always the hardest. But no point in your OH starting until hes ready.
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    Try the allen carr book - that has had great reviews, sort of changing the way you think

    Also not recommended but I continued my NRT past the recommended 3 months on my last attempt as I did not feel ready to come off after three months, maybe that is a posibility - just keep a gum or inhalator at hand for when it does get too much
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    I recommend the Allen Carr book and maybe get your DH to try Bach Rescue Remedy to keep him calm?

    Nicotine withdrawal is like having real bad PMT, it isn't easy to cope with unfortunately.
    Jeremy Vine show on Radio 2 today did an article on hypnotherapy, you can probably catch it on the website and use the "listen again" feature.
    I only heard bits of it, but one of the researchers was hypnotised to help her stop smoking.

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    I had hypnotherapy and would say it was worth it. I stopped for six months (then went on holiday with my ex - we'd booked it way in advance and didn't want to disappoint the kids - and started again!). It did help, didn't have anything like the cravings I'd had when I'd tried stopping before.

    Mum had hypnotherapy to help her stop over 10 years ago. She hasn't had one since.

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    The most important thing about stopping is that you have to be determined. If he is not 100% focussed on stopping that may be what is (subconsciously?) making him grumpy. Also my nan had hypnosis 18 months ago and stopped after 50 years as a heavy smoker, and she hasn't had one since. Patches worked for me but I did try to stop 4 times before succeeding. The only time they worked was when I really really wanted to stop. Good luck to your OH theres always some willpower involved
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    I have had hypnotherapy to stop smoking and it did no good. I went last saturday to an Allen carr clinic and paid using tesco deals. I havent smoked yet, but the cravings are still coming and driving me insane.

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    OH tried hypnotherapy couple of years ago .....didnt work!!!

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