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Thread: stopping smoking

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    The price of smoking is just so shocking now... gave up for a fortnight in November, but stupidly started again... every day now is the day it is going to happen, then excuses kick in again...
    I am ready to work at giving up again, tomorrow is the day I am going to to try again. I am hoping that by writing it down it will encourage me...Over ?6 for a pack of 20 is shocking.
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    Keep at it - been 2 years and just over 4 months off them - its well worth staying stopped - all the best with it x

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    just take each day as it comes. Good luck x

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    Funny how I thought of this thread and wondered how everyone was doing tonight. It just occured to me that my life has changed so much for the better since I was here last. Im now 4 years non smoking and dead pleased with myself about it. Im celebrating my second anniversary in February. Got out of a terrible relationship and got on with my life. Im happier now than I have ever been now Im with someone Ive known most of my life though there was a little gap or two when we lost touch for 5-10 years at a spell............3rd time lucky for us both lol

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