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Thread: TopCashBack Freebies n gain more offers

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    Default TopCashBack Freebies n gain more offers

    I'm not gonna make this one a challenge I think 2 is enough! But am gonna aim to make something with them this month! If your not a member join here topcashback - it also helps this site

    CashBackKings March Challenge is here:
    Quidco March Challenge is here:
    Daily Clicks
    1p - Kelkoo - 1 per day
    4p The HighStreetWeb - Max 2 per day
    2p - SeachChief
    2p - Cascade Compare
    5p - CarSource - 1 per Day
    5p Vans United - 1 per Day
    1p - Glowbay
    ?7.44 if done every day in March

    5p - Win4Now - For each competition entry
    10p -CouponNet - Yep get paid to print those coupons lol

    No Spend Offers
    .15 - Landsend - sign up
    .96 - JustRewards
    ?1.00 - SuperBingo - Sign up with email
    .56 - InstantWin4Now
    .30 - Gumtree - Post an ad outside of London not in casual relationships section
    .10 - Gumtree - Post an ad in London not in casual relationship section
    ?1.00 - MyOffers
    .70 - GetMeaTicket
    .50 - CreditExpert
    .50 - ComparetheMarket
    .83 - GreatUKSurveys
    .50 - ForeverFriends
    .10 - WhoRemembersMe - Free Membership
    .50 - - Online Application
    ?1.20 -
    ?1.50 - SpreadShirtUK - Open a shop - FREE
    ?4.00 - Audible - Free Trial
    ?1.05 - ItsYourView - New registration
    .70 - ItsYourView - Complete new survey
    .50 - OpinionWorld
    .20 - Gigantic - Enter Comp
    ?1.00 - WorkingCapital4u - new lead
    .20 - TEFL - Brochure Request

    Spend a Little Offers:

    Bear with me while I search through!
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    Thanks Kitty. I've just signed up for Top Cash Back
    Julie. March Quidco challenge ?50, grocery ?40 pw.

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    me too
    Quidco 2009/2010 so far ?1152

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    I've recently been converted from GreasyPalm to Topcashback - I like it much better & they pass more of the profit on. GreasyPalm was great when it started but cashback is taking a lot longer to show up & some isn't paid at all!

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    TopCashback has cashback on offer for buying items through ipoints. Thats a bit of a strange one offering cashback for buying items through another cashback site.
    Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to my gorgeous husband 06/08/10

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    Bingoliner offers ?30 cashback if you go through Topcashback may be worth a look.

    But be aware ''We regret we cannot chase up missing cashback claims for this retailer''. Only 4% of transactions have not tracked so a very small amount.
    Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary to my gorgeous husband 06/08/10

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    ?50 for opening a HSBC account online. I did this last night, not sure how long it will take to track. I have only done Quidco up to now but think it is time I branched out!

    Edit......... HSBC tracked with 18 hours, payable end of May
    I am on ?51.73 with these guys in 24 hours, hopefully more of the little things will track tomorrow.

    Thanks Kat for your enthusiasm!
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    nt really done a lot with these - hehe topcashback here i come

    note not done that much I cant even find my account details - wonder if they delete acounts with n activity as its not recognising my email address
    Changes .... PTS is going through Changes ...

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    It says something about logging in every six months?

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    Yes, I think most cashback sites will close your account if you don't log in at least once in 6 months. RPoints is the same - you don't have to buy anything through them - just make sure you log in.

    I like TopCashBack - haven't had any problems with it so far. Their cashback rates are good and everything has tracked for me so far - unlike some other sites. Maybe you could try re-registering Gizmos
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