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Thread: fitflops

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    that is a good price daisy
    mine are the walkstar, looks the real deal
    welcome on board!
    Weight loss total: 4 stone 8lb! at the top of target range oops!

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    Deffo after a pair of these! They are the talk of fat club lol xx Looked at the walkstars and they are my fave!
    Hello all...

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    i friend bought me a pair of these, but i couldn't wear them, toe posts, ouch! plus i don't like the look of them on my feet. i will be very interested when they do some without posts.

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    they do 99
    check out the site
    Weight loss total: 4 stone 8lb! at the top of target range oops!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaisyChain View Post
    Well you've persuaded me to give Fitflops a go suziq

    Had an offer of ?21 accepted for these which seems a good price:

    Hope they're genuine - looks like last year's style and I've seen same on Amazon so should be
    I looked at these yesterday and decided to put in an offer tonight, but all of the sellers listing have been pulled

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    Went to Blackpool for the weekend and was at the Freeport in Fleetwood. Picked up a pair there which were ?27.99. They are just so comfortable. Not had them off my feet all weekend.

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    I usually wear Reef or Animal sandals. they are really comfortable and seem to last forever.

    I do like the sound of the negative heel sandals. I saw these on Ebay (completed listing):

    (Edit: Thanks for getting the link working Angelic! )

    Their website is here:

    Not sure where I can buy them in the Uk though. Would like to try some on before I bought them really?
    Would be great if they helped relieve back pain?

    MM x
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    Muttley, if you shorten the link and remove anything after the item number, it will work -

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    blimey! that would stretch ya achilles!
    Weight loss total: 4 stone 8lb! at the top of target range oops!

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    OK girls - intrigue has got the better of me - have now ordered some, and will let you know. I have strated doing some walking in attempt to improve my ME symptoms, and hope that this may at least make me feel better about my flabby legs lol. TY OP (suzi sis!) xx
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