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Thread: Any updates on Mirena IUS/IUD coil please ladies?

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    mine got worse and worse, i was always borderline anemic, i took iron tablets for a long time

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    When my friend had her mirena put in she had been bleeding nonstop for a year I just couldn't believe she had put up with it for so long, I think her doc felt the same. She had gone anaemic as well, some women seem to just put up with things and soldier on regardless.

    Fortunately it worked as a bit of a miracle cure for her and she has had no bleeding since, but I guess everyone doesn't get the same level of success with these things, all seems to be down to how the individual gets on with these kind of preparations.
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    i think it would be worth a try, you can always get it taken out if its not right for you jen

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    Another recommendation here, I had the mirena fitted 18 months ago, took a couple of months to settle down and now its fine. I dont take any other medication with it. I would definitely give it a go, it can always be removed if you dont get on with it or it doesnt work for you. I was told to give it 3 months to see how it went, glad I had it done.

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    yes from memory it took me a bit of getting used to , it has been well worth it

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    Thanks again this is all helpful! My period is only heavy for 1/2 days and I can cope with it. I have had a couple of recent blood tests (for something else) which have not shown up any anemia.
    I actually felt quite pressurized into having one fitted by the consultant which I didn't like! Also contraception not an issue at all, in fact years ago got pregnant with a coil, so would not trust them on that point!!

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    Opposite for me - I had one fitted 13 weeks ago as I have fibroids and was bleeding heavy - it seems to have made it worse!

    I have not stopped bleeding for 13 weeks now (have a hospital appointment next week to look at a partial hysteretamy(sp). The bleedng is a lot heavier than before and the fibriods have grown at what they have said is rapid pace in a few months - I have 3 big ones - 1 is 5 x 5cm, 1 is 2 x 3cm and the other is 3 x 3cm. They were not this size in the new year with my first scan. My uterus is also 14cm (they should be about 4 I believe).

    I also think that I have now lost the coil - 9 weeks in - as the bleeding has got a lot heavier since then. The coil had moved to the top as the fibriods are so big they pushed it there (the sonographer showed me the scan picture).

    For me it didn't work - in fact it has made the problem a lot lot worse. However I am probably one of the unlucky ones.
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    oh i really do feel for you , you must be so tired

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