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Thread: Any updates on Mirena IUS/IUD coil please ladies?

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    I love mine too, no periods here either

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    Quote Originally Posted by kenziekoo View Post
    ok, I have been having the depo injection for just under a year and it has made me very moody and low, my friend a GP suggested a copper coil is this the same thing?
    Its not the same. The copper IUD is a similar size & shape but has no hormones in it.
    I've had a copper IUD for 10 years and its great. Had no probs, but some women have heavier periods with it apparently.

    Thanks for all the feedback... put my mind at rest a bit.
    I think I googled and scared myself.
    Will see how it goes and I can always have it out if it doesnt suit me.
    MM x
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    would have had one but have a heart murmur so would have needed antibiotics etc

    sounds like good reports tho!
    Weight loss total: 4 stone 8lb! at the top of target range oops!

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    Quote Originally Posted by penfold View Post
    I've used it and it was fine, no side effects to note...however, I know there have been reports of side effects from some people. If you google it you will find details. Suppose it is a case of it can't suit everyone.

    This is an example of what people mention.
    Quote Originally Posted by suziq View Post
    sounds like good reports tho!
    All sounds positive here on PTS, but just been reading some of the stories on the forum link that Penfold listed and found them a bit terrifying!!
    MM x
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    well, you are all so lucky. had minefor a couple of years now and i either spot and dribble for 2-3 weeks out of 4 or gush for 2 out of four. can always tell at the beginning which it will be (which is at least a little helpful) and it is only like this since having it fitted. my s-i-l also does not have periods. also in some positions or moving akwardly i can feel it sometimes. on the plus side...don't have to remember a pill

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    by the way, after my period has finally finished.....sometimes i get a flow of clear with a yellow tinge (looks like wee but isn't, honest) it is not smelly or sticky but does run down my leg when i get up in the morning. just wondering if anyone else has this???

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    had it fitted for just over 9 months, bled constantly pretty much that whole time, i probably had around 10 dry days over that 9 months.
    Had micro endometrial ablation on Monday - fingers crossed that will work...

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    I think the possibility of more bleeding is what is worrying me?
    I really can't afford to lose more blood as the whole point of having the thing fitted is to stop blood loss.
    I guess I'll just have to have it fitted then see how it goes? I really hope I don't get constant bleeding.
    MM x
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    Initially I had lots of bleeding, for about 6 months. Now it is fine, and I have almost no bleeding at all, but I think if you already have anaemia, then the initial period would not be good for you.

    Overall though I would recommend the Mirena, it's no hassle and lasts for a long while.

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    I had mine fitted due to fibroids and heavy blood loss - it's been fantastic and I worship the doctor who suggested it as it's changed my life totally. Prior to it I could not do anything for 10 days every 3 weeks due to flooding - now, I don't get a period at all. I've had it for about 6 years now

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