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Thread: Any updates on Mirena IUS/IUD coil please ladies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mutley muppet View Post
    I think the possibility of more bleeding is what is worrying me?
    I really can't afford to lose more blood as the whole point of having the thing fitted is to stop blood loss.
    I guess I'll just have to have it fitted then see how it goes? I really hope I don't get constant bleeding.
    MM x
    MM it looks like it works better for different clinical indications. From what I can see it is not good for endometriosis - but that is perhaps to be expected; but seems to work well for regular/heavy period control and for some people with fibroids (but not all).

    Also, it is very reversible - if it is not working for you - out it comes

    I have looked at some of the stories on the other website (linked above) and I have to say that it looks like a lot of people blaming it for everything. It wasnt very balanced.

    So if you dont have endometriosis and are otherwise reasonably well (anaemia aside) it looks like a rational idea to try - remember you can always get it taken out!

    Also, your anaemia is a long standing problem that whilst difficult can be controlled by various means. If it is a case of getting a little worse before you get alot better you should think in the long term too. Have they been able to tell you if it is straight forward iron deficiency anaemia or a different variant? They should be able to tell the difference and treat accordingly. If you are going for to the gastroenterologist I would have thought that they had ruled out causes other than iron deficiency?

    Talk to your Dr some more about it, dont feel pressured into it, but also dont assume the stories on the internet to be reliable either.

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    Thankyou everyone.

    Obscure, I saw my gastroenterolgist today and I am waiting for an appointment to have a capsule endescopy to check my upper GI for any bleeding.

    The anemia is definately iron related, I have had two iron infusions in hospital but very soon after I become anemic again. Gastro has said that either I cant absorb the iron or I am losing blood somewhere.
    i also have a low white blood count that seems to drop with the low iron.

    I have already had one camera gastroscopy, biopsy for coealiac disease, colonoscopy & barium enema and all have come back fine.
    It is very annoying and debilitating as the low iron makes you feel very breathless and its like you have concrete boots.

    I don't have any probs with my periods, not heavy or painful, but my GP really pushed me to have this Mirena (while the Gastro is still investigating) in the hope that it will slow down blood loss and my iron loss.

    I did mention to her about some women having more bleeding initally and she just scoffed at me and said don't believe everything you read on the internet! Aaaarghhh!

    I think I will have it fitted but don't think i will survive 6 months of constant bleeding!! I will give it a few months and see how I get on.

    MM x
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    try it - i would, i was sceptical when i had it done as i'd read about heavy bleeding, and unfortunately for me it didn't work, but it does work for others...i had really bad flooding with it and without it, bt hoping this MEA will work for me...

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    Good luck Colman, I really hope the MEA has worked for you.
    MM x
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    ive had them fitted for 14 years now, can't remember how many ive had

    for me after ive had it fitted i get a few crampy pains - no worse than period pains though and sorted by hot water bottle and a couple of pain killers

    after that periods gradually get lighter so after a couple of months nothing at all, maybe occasionally a light pink or brown stain (hope htat isnt too much info) certainly no need for pads or tampons

    i would recommend it to anyone - no pills to remember and very effective

    good luck
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    My GP kind of pushed me into having the coil after having the Depo injections for 10 years, she says the Mirena is much better for long term use. I HATED it going in, so, so, so painful, but if you've had a coil fitted previously you either don't feel the pain like I did (none of my friends has moaned like I have!!), or can forget it!! I bleed a little each month, just enough to warrent using a pad, and get really sore boobs every month, both of which I didn't get on the Depo. I'm not going to have it removed, cos I'm a wimp, but I shan't have another one. I'll stick to the depo I think, after all, it is still less drugs than the pill.

    Or ban sex altogether!!

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    I had my copper IUD put in when I was in my mid twenties and it didn't hurt at all (thank goodness) and Ive never had children, so I am hoping I will be ok with this new IUD.
    MM x
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    Quick update, I had the Mirena fitted yesterday evening at my local hospital.

    It went in fine and feels ok so far.

    Doc also did an ultrasound scan of my womb & ovaries and took loads of still ultrasound pics for his ongoing training work!

    I did ask if I would get royalties if the photos are published, lol!!

    MM x
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    Hope it works for you MM

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    i am a proud owner too. i hope its a success for you as well

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