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Thread: Can we have a separate forum for Quanti?

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    Default Can we have a separate forum for Quanti?

    Please please please

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    Can you confirm you have no links with them please? All your posts are about them?

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    Sorry to sound sceptical but every one of your 10 posts has been promoting Quanti, are you linked in any way to it?

    edit - Whhops sorry, cross posted Suzy, delete this post if you like!

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    Great minds Addy!

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    ..thankfully I have no idea what you're talking about ! hehe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyWoo View Post
    Can you confirm you have no links with them please? All your posts are about them?
    I am addicted to the website so that's my link with them. They used to pay up to ?1 for a review submitted on other sites, they don't do that anymore but I keep sharing the news as I think it's a brilliant site (having myself used other cashback sites before). Apologies if this isn't relevant to you but I'm sure some people will enjoy this site.

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    As all your posts appear to be about them you have to admit it's a bit odd.

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    Happymaria - I have removed your signature suggesting to members that they log in to your favourite site until we clarify this issue.

    Please do not re-instate any further links or references to this site until we have done so . .

    Thank you

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    never even heard of them or know anything about them - and as thee are no other posts about it dont think that its worthwhile
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    i go on this site as well daily (won 70p today woohoo) what is your member there maria?
    and won 50p on the bingo there the other day lol
    they have a couple of cashbacks, kelkoo and carsource
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