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Thread: Weston super Mare - recommendations

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    Default Weston super Mare - recommendations

    Does anyone live in or around Weston?

    I've just booked a coach holiday there for next week - going on my own

    There are a couple of trips with the coach but can anyone recommend what I could do on the other days bearing in mind I won't have a car but the train station is nearby.

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    Day out and shopping at Bristol Cabot Circus

    Rail station is not close (Temple Meads) but walkable in 15 mins if you are fit and able.

    Lots of other things to see and do.

    SS Great Britain

    To get there take a water ferry from the city centre or better still take a trip around the harbour stop off at the Great Britain and get back on to finish the trip later.

    You just missed the Banksy exibition.
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    Thanks very much - some useful info.

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    We went to Weston for a day trip and they have a London Eye. We loved going on it
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    The Grand Piers still not been rebuilt :-(

    Still walk round the corner and have a look at the other pier (Burnbeck) it looks spooky as its been left to rot away...

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    Isn't WSM the town with the biggest number of charity shops than anywhere else in the country?
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