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Thread: PTS Quiz for 2009

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    Ten today - that has been a while!
    I love PTS but I want my garage back!

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    Yay 10/10
    Hello all...

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    The number of us who play regularly seem to be dropping

    I wonder Is everyone else still clicking the PTS Quiz for 2009 and PTS Quiz September link??? Or is it updated on everyone else's screens and just showing like that on mine?

    As you can guess from that probably stupid comment I havent got any idea about the workings of Forums and their sub forums and how things get changed or by whom!

    I know that clicking on these outdated links still bring me to the up to date daily Quiz but could it confuse or put off anyone new joining ?

    It's nice and friendly to see the "usual suspects" names every day but if we all started to drop off there would be no one left!
    My avatar is our lovely ex Battersea doggie who we've been privileged to be "owned by" for the last 17 years !

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    I started playing this a good while ago, it was dropping into my msn inbox, but it stopped and i lost the habit of doing it, does anyone know how to restart getting it sent to my msn mail?
    Thanks, Mike.

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    Well I have played and my results are testimony as to why I do not take part in timed quizes!!!

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