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Thread: A list of useful sites to help the planet.

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    Default A list of useful sites to help the planet.

    Please tell us of sites you have found useful and this list will be updated by Mods and Guides.

    Cleaning & Laundry

    Eco Balls

    E Cloths or are often cheaper on Ebay


    One Click Power - Intelligent Energy Saving

    Savawatt - Make your appliance more energy efficient


    Recyclenow - A guide to recycling and some facts

    FreeCycle - link above

    Save a Cup - Recylce your work vending machine cups

    Community Repaint - Share any leftover paint with your community

    TOY & LEISURE LIBRARIES - Recycle old toys

    Global Warming / Climate Change

    Wikipedia - an explanation of Global Warming

    Wikipedia - an explanation of Climate Change

    Global Cool

    Carbon Neutral Company - Calculate your Carbon debt and start reversing it!

    GoCarbonFree Earn personal carbon credits

    Earth Share

    RoyalSOC - Science issues on Global Warming

    Friends of the Earth


    Save the Planet - mainly focused on Australia / New Zeland but LOTS of great info!

    Solar Aid - Solar Power / Poverty Initiative in Africa

    LILI helping people reduce their impact on the environment, improve their quality of life, gain new skills, live in a healthier and more satisfying way, have fun, and save money. Also lists of iinstallers and grants available.

    Re-cycling or Selling Books



    Green Metropolis - Sell books for ?3



    Wildlife Welfare and Conservation

    Rehome A Battery Hen

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