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Thread: Morrisons bargain buys - please put expiry date of offer in your post

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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumpyjane View Post
    Honestly, i feel a bit sad raving about it but it is really nice and good value
    Rave all you like we just got our first morrisons near us and oh was like a kid in a sweet shop .It was so funny he kept screaming "ooh look at this and look at that " It was like he had never been in a supermarket before lol.

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    The only trouble with me going to Morrisons is that I can't resist the lovely plants they have in there.

    I suppose what I've saved on teabags and spreads covers it. That's what I'll tell DH anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thecouponlady View Post
    A bit late for this(about a month), but thanks for this link, altho ive got links that do similar, this one allows u to sort the offers(bogof etc), so very handy to see and compare genuine offers....from the main supermarkets...
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    Our brand new Morrisons is opening on Monday - cant wait to see what bargains they have.

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    Comfort Exhilarations ?1 for 750ml 21 wash - v good if like me u got a 75p moc thru the post today

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    details on new meal deal from 2moz x
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    24 cans of Stella 440ml half price untill Sunday.

    Was ?24.99 .. now ?12.49.

    It looks like the really stuff aswell not the 4% weak stuff.

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    Morrisons Fstive Feast Offer

    Just got back with this a real bargain but selling fast and limited to 1 deal per customer

    M Pork Loin Joint (?6.50 )
    M Seansonal Vegetable Pack, (sprouts, carrots, potatoes 80p )
    M Strawberry Trifle. (?1.50 each)
    2 x M Best Tomato, Mature Balsamic Vinegar and Basil Soup (?1.60 each)

    5 items total should be ?12 offer price ?4

    Be sure to pick up 2 soup though cos brother tried with just 1 and they tried to charge him ?10. 40 so he went and got another soup and the price came down to ?4

    Believe its only today tomorrow and saturday and stock is limited!!!

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    Ariel Excel Gel 1036ml (28 Washes) ?4 at Morrisons
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    Two good finds today.

    Schloer for 97p, useful if you have the 50p MOCs from the GFS booklets.

    Also Domestos 24 is 50p (I think OH was dragging me away from a huge stack, all colours at the time, trying to convince me that we dont need more bleach ) If your Morrisons is Ok with print off MOCs this would be a good one (I think the paper ones say Tesco on them??? )
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