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Thread: LIDL bargain buys - please put expiry date of offer in your post

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    Default Weekend Offer & Veg offer

    Weekend Offer - 7th/8th November

    Braemoor Lamb Shanks 450g - £1.74

    Deluxe Carrot Cake 425g - 94p

    From 5th-11th November -

    All 29p each

    Cherry Tomatoes - 250g
    Whole cucumber
    Red Pepper

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    Default Weekend offer (14th & 15th November) and veg offer

    Weekend Offer:

    Pork Fillet Medallions (6 pack) 300g - £1.39

    ‘Suddenly’ Madam Glamour Perfume 50ml - £1.99

    JD Gross Chocolate Truffles 150g – 99p
    (Milk, Dark or White )

    Veg offers from 12th-18th November - 49p

    1 kg potatoes
    Avocado each
    Shallots 500g
    Swede each

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    Default Weekend offers 21 & 22 November

    Saturday and Sunday only

    Slow Cooked Pulled Pork 380g - £1.24

    Schogotten Chocolate 100g bars – 39p
    Various flavours

    Hand Cooked Crisps 150g - 39p
    (Seasalt & Balsamic Vinegar, Seasalt and Black Peppercorn or Lightly Salted)

    From Thursday, 19th to Wednesday, 25th November

    All 39p

    4x pack of British Baking Potatoes
    Tomatoes - 250g
    Parsnips – 500g

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    Default Weekend offers 28th/29 November

    Saturday and Sunday only:

    X-bolt Eua de Toilette 50mls £1.99

    Q10 Anti-Wrinkle Cream 50 mls - 99p
    (Day or Night Cream)

    Fresh British Diced Chicken Breast 375g - £1.27

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    Just seen on Facebook:-

    £10 off £50 spend voucher in todays Sun, valid until 6th December.

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    Also in the latest "Lidl news" if your store still has a copy, saving 40p, or if you bought a Sun newspaper on Saturday check the TV guide insert for a bunch of leaflets including the Lidl news. Was also in Saturdays Daily Mail.

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    Default Weekend & Fruit & Veg offers

    This Saturday and Sunday, 12th/13th December:

    Beef Medallion Steaks 340g - £1.64

    Deluxe Crisps 150g - 39p
    (Cheese & Onion, Chilli & Sour Cream or BBQ)

    Deluxe Butter Cookies 200g - 62p
    (Ginger or Sultana )

    Fruit & Veg offer from 10-16 December – all 59p

    500g Lemons
    1 kg Pears
    Mixed Cherry Tomatoes 300g
    Closed Cup Mushrooms 350g

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    Default Weekend Offers and veg

    Saturday and Sunday, 19th/20th December

    Deluxe columbian Coffee (beans) 227g - £1.19

    Deluxe Vegetable Crisps 100g - 64p

    Veg - all 29p, starts Thursday, 17th December

    1.5 kg potatoes
    1 kg of carrots
    500g sprouts
    500g parsnips

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    Default Weekend Offers 2nd/3rd January 2016

    Saturday and Sunday only:

    7 Unsmoked Middle Bacon Rashers 400g - 79p

    Red Label Tea Bags 160 pack - 84p

    Tomato Ketchup 565g - 27p

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