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Thread: LIDL bargain buys - please put expiry date of offer in your post

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    Crikey thats cheap (lettuce and corn on the cob)
    Yea i thought so, and corn on cob usually ok for week or sin fridge so will enjoy in the week. Had lovely looking ffyes pineapples too but no price up.
    I know as a kid ffyes used to be best tasting bananas
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    Lidl, walkers crisps 21 pack ?1.80, thats cheaper than T's 62p for 6 (same flavours) RS, C+O, S+v

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    4 pack of branston baked beans for a quid

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    Wow what a nice change- 5min drive instead of 20 (when theres no traffic) and didnt have to add up as i went along! Did use more cash as no mocs but only bout ?7 more than my last tesco shop as the prices were cheaper (but saved some on petrol and ink!) Need some of those ?5 off lidl mocs now that were about last summer!

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    Ooh - might have to visit Lidl instead of (or as well as!) Sainsbury's when I'm next in Northern Ireland. We do have Aldi and Lidl down here, which are way cheaper than Tesco, but it's still dearer than the prices folk are quoting for UK stores. I'll curry favour with DH by getting him some cheap Bishop's Finger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by polkadot View Post
    Did use more cash as no mocs but only bout ?7 more than my last tesco shop as the prices were cheaper (but saved some on petrol and ink!)
    More importantly, how much STRESS did you save? That's worth quite a lot.

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    The pineapples are usually 99p each.
    Also this week the Pilgrims choice cheddar cheese is ?1.99 for 500 grams in Lidl.
    I find that they usually restock their shelves a couple of hours before closing so that's when they put out the freshest produce and bread.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mamzie View Post
    I used to be a deputy manager at Aldi, when we had to do that. 6000 reg lines, plus 100-300 specials, and continually changing F&V plus special offer prices...

    It was actually great fun. We were also supposed to serve a min of a customer a minute, and ensure that we very rarely needed to load another till. Till ops, would very often be running off to chuck a pallet out while a customer loaded the belt.Very often I'd have a queue either side and be serving 2 or 3 people at the same time. I helped open quite a few other welsh stores as well, ahhh, it was fun....

    When I met hubby he was manager of Lidl ,sounds very similar,but don't think you would ever hear him saying it was "fun" !! lol

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    I have a lidl 5 mins away. I do shop in there for some bits but the no name stuff tends to make me a it nervous - dont want to try it in case its cr@p. But I have to say some unbranded things I have found to be good in there are:

    Coleslaw - about 49p for a vat
    tie handle bin bags - 15 or 20 for 1.19 - really strong for kitchen bins
    Millionaires shortbread and little choc filled tubes - yummy!!! 99p ish each
    cheap frozen sausages - just over ?1 for 20
    Waffles - 99p ish
    cimarosa chardonnay 3.79 bottle and is yummy
    beans and sausages in tins - 30p ish yummy
    Fresh meat is cheap and good quality
    Fruit and veg as above

    Anyone else know of any good stuff?
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    Their frozen fish is good. Also the salmon fish cakes with dill are very tasty and big pieces of salmon in them. I think they are usually ?1.50 for a pack of 5 or 6 but sometimes they have them on offer at ?1.

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