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    Have a DIY question, although not sure if we now have a, 'DIY area'?

    Does anyone know if window putty will stick to a metal frame or is that only for wooden frames?

    I have the old metal framed double glazing windows. My dd went through a stage of banging her head on the glass and broke the inner pane. I removed the glass, so basically on the inside there is only one pane. This was over a year ago, so has lasted ok, and from the outside you would not notice there was only the one pane.
    I am sat here next to the window and every so often can hear a strange noise, am wondering maybe its the wind. I am thinking maybe I could get some putty and stick it round the frame? Do you reckon it would stick tho?
    I would use putty

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    Thing is, if you were replacing the glass you would bed it onto putty.... but in this case it is already installed and as I read it OP wants to seal any slight gap rather than bed a new piece of glass? If you imagine a piece of glass already in a metal frame you don't have a recess to spatula putty into, you merely have a very fine small step from the glass to the metal? Putty is surely going going to be messy and unlikely to be very hardwearing with such a tiny bead?
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Yes Dom you are right, you describe it better than I have.

    I might try and get a picture up - don't hold your breath tho!

    Thanks for the tips everyone - will let you know how I get on...

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