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    Default Just an idea!

    Just wondering if it would be at all possible to have a book swapping thread.
    Ignore me if its a silly one.
    I have just rediscovered reading and am hooked,dont have many at the mo to swap but i'm pretty sure i will soon lol

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    I pass mine along to friends and family - not sure if the postage would be quite dear.

    What about your local library - I use ours all the time - its free and you can order which books you want to read - it also keeps the local libraries open

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    there already is one!
    Changes .... PTS is going through Changes ...

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    Hi Jackie, what books you looking for as i have loads and could maybe post a couple to you but you would have to bear with me as i don't have a list i would have to have a look first lol.

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    I swap mine with my friend as she's also an avid reader. OH cleared out our loft a few weeks ago and found 2 carrier bags full of books I hadn't read!!! No idea why they were in the loft but they are now stacked in my bedroom ready for me to plough through. Can't wait!!

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    Poundsinbucks x
    loves making FREE money

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    Spam deleted - must have taken a while to type all that in Japanese.

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    Poster seemed like a right ah so to me
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    Kindle books can be quite expensive so myself and three friends have created a shared profile. As you can have 6 devices tied to a Kindle account we all can have a copy of the ebooks. Obviously one person pays for everything and is then sorted out with cash.

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