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Thread: Marks bargain buys

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    Are you guys thinking of Tesco tills or have you definately had this work at M&S previously? I only ask as I know to my cost that Sainsburys doesn't apply multibuys and 25% off the full price, it takes 25% off the lower price (eg 9.99 wine two for 12 and it takes 25% off 12).

    Despite this I cant make sense of the price you have paid here. Even if the items are all equally discounted to make the 10 (say you buy meal, side, pud, wine and it totals 15 so it discounts a third off everything to make 10) you'd still expect wine to get 25% off the reduced price, which would be about 4.50 a bottle x 6 = 27. 25% off would be about 6.75 discount.
    Yes Dom I've had these two offers work together previously.

    M & S may of course have changed their system since then.

    Your calculations make sense and I was told that the wine discount was 6 odd. But 60 minus say 6.75 should have been 53.25 not the 57.14 they wanted from me.

    I've been pondering over this all day and have come to the conclusion that perhaps one of the items went through the till twice. Pity I don't have a till receipt to check (as ended up handing the whole lot back and not paying).

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    in the new m&s free magazine there is a coupon for 20%off yogurt products (excluding food on the move yogurts ),and another coupon for 20% off all active health products, there is some active health yogurts , so i dont know if you can use both coupons on them?, both coupons are valid to 31st august.

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    O2 Priority Moments is giving 2 off this week's M&S Dine-In promotion.
    A main, side, dessert and a bottle of wine for 8 is a bargain IMHO.

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    Good news! Our sale has started online - shop now before it starts in stores tomorrow

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    Default Marks and Spencer beers and wines

    Marks and Spencer beers and wines - does anyone know whether these are classed as wine or normal goods with TopCashBack or Quidco?

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