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Thread: Marks bargain buys

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    No Easter meal deal this weekend but according to MSE all meat joints and salmon sides are half price.

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    No I was disappointed about this. Went in this morning and nada! Got a nice piece of beef for a fiver tho'.

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    OH needs some posh silk ties so I have been doing the rounds of the charity shops to see what I could find. I have only bought ties on one or two occassions before so I had no idea what to look for really. Also the charity shop ties were either a bit garish or slightly dearer than I thought they might be - up to 5.

    But in Marks this morning we found a small rail of left over sale items and underneath the usual box of odds and sods including autograph silk ties reduced from 15 to 3 So I got 3, a blue striped, a purple striped and black/white striped which should cover all possible matches of shirts
    - 45 of silk tie for 9

    These would also be worth looking out for as emergency presents or even as good end of term teacher presents.
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    all frozen foods 3 for 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by lotty2002 View Post
    all frozen foods 3 for 2
    this offer is still on, got some lovely frozen salmon fillets and chicken breasts
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    And the two dine for a tenner is this weekend too.

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    50p glass and get 5 worth points marks andfree delivery using codes (no min spend)

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    Bought some of the Prestige Cava today that was on very cheap offer at Christmas. Usually is 7.99 a bottle but now has 2 off and 25 % off when you buy six bottles.

    So 6 bottles cost 26 ish Great for summer BBQ's

    PS just tidied up the above link
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    Thank you :-)

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    The 25% off also applies when you buy 6 or more bottles of beer at M&S.

    As these bottles are also on a 4 for the price of 3 offer, you get a total of 44% off if you buy 8 bottles. So, for example buy 8 bottles priced at 1.99 each and you end up paying 8.95 = 1.12 per bottle.


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