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Thread: Sorry i LOVE PTS, but are we getting boring?

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    The variety now is a lot better than it used to be... But being honest (god forgive me whoever started the thread) I don't want to know why crackers crumble lol.
    Hello all...

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    Quote Originally Posted by microjan View Post
    Just off the top of my head,' why does my cracker break when i bite it' ?
    i don,t want to single that one out on its own, but that stuck in my mind
    there are many more including this one
    what we need is to be constructive, and move forward, if that makes sense?
    To be fair to the OP though, that was posted under Everything Else. We've always had chat, jokes and frivolous threads. I don't read many of them because I don't have time.

    Lots of people post bargains and glitches and there are threads for most of the major supermarkets for offers.

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