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Thread: Freecycle

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    Yes i have a lovely lady gave me a dryer when mine died i couldnt thank her enough as times were hard

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    i have given loads of stuff away including 2 playstations, tv, dvd player, video loads of toys but i have never recived anything

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    I have cleared out my junk cupboard, giving stuff I don't use any more away and have received several things, the latest being a breadmaker. Freecycle is a fab idea only you do need to sit on the pc all day to get any chance of receiving things as I've found stuff generally goes to the first person who replies

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    freecycle is fab

    had a brand new ikea pax wardrobe for daughter, petrol lawnmower, books, slo cooker.... in fact lots more stuff.

    also gave away loads of kids stuff- now that is popular, 100s of emails

    i dont give away to the first person anymore as i found a lot of them just asked for everything then never bothered to collect, i wait 24 hours and then if there are lots i draw names out of a hat

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    I have give away quite a bit of stuff and also recived a bit including a full set of wooden garden furniture and garden bench.
    I have to agree some people do just ask for everything here too.
    If I help please Rep.

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    I have shifted quite abit of stuff through freecycle and also received some stuff.
    My new arrival was a gorgeous girl.....

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    Have given out loads of stuff on Freecylcle and recieved loads more - i think its brilliant. It is very frustrating when someone says they want something and never come though, but that is the exception rather than the rule

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    I have been subscribed to Freecycle for sometime and am totally fed up with it - I have emailed people on many occasions to request the item and get collection details and not a single person has had the courtesy of replying.

    It is a total waste of time.

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    We've had quite a few things from Freecycle, mainly for DD, and someone is coming tonight to collect an old TV from us - our first giveaway

    It's great!!

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    A couple of days ago, the Cats Protection League posted on freecycle asking for unopened bottles of toiletries for a tombola as part of a charity event they are holding in August.

    Hopefully with some help from Mr T I will be able to make a generous donation

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