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    i have given lots of things away and recieved a couple of things and 2day i am going to drop an ironingboard off to some1 who requested 1 as they were going to come on the bus and they live on the way to where i am going . i also have had a video player deliverd by a very kind lady as they were passing my way i think its a great site but people should wait longer for replies and draw from a hat so to give a fair chance to every1.

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    I've just given away a twin pram which I had lying around. I hate getting rid of prams, felt a bit sad, lol. I gave it to the first person who asked and felt a bit miffed that she only had one baby and just wanted it 'incase she needed it' and I didn't find that out till she picked it up, plus she didn't seem at all grateful for it. Suppose I just had visions of someone really needy getting it. But hey ho, stopped me throwing it out.
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    I'm obviously very dim but I can't figure out the freecycle site. I assume its How do you know what to click on to locate local people?? I can only seem to see lots of adverts for other websites linked to freecycle so I'm obviously doing something very wrong!!

    Any advice would be much appreciated!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Irishsmurfy View Post
    I can't figure out the freecycle site
    Hi Irish

    Try this half way down on the left under 'groups worldwide' click on United Kingdom then find your county name and click on that, it should give you a list of the groups in your area.

    If you find one you want to join click on Goto or Join.

    Good luck


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    Talking * Freecycle today * Made me smile

    Just thought I'd share this with you guys, as it's funny how the smallest of things really make your day!

    I gave away a Medela breast pump on Freecycle and the ladies hubby collected it just now.

    He handed over a box of Roses chocolates! This was totally unexpected and I was really happy with the gesture.

    I know it's small, but I've had not a great month with the death of my grandad anniversary just passing and other things, so this has really cheered me up! Either that, or I'm easily pleased! LOL.

    I also felt really good about myself for doing it, and it was obviously appreciated by the recipient!

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    It's always nice to know when things are appreciated.

    I hope that everything continues to improve for you.

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    WOW you must have nice members on your freecycle. I give stuff away on there quite often and the last item I gave away was just 2 nights ago and it was a 2 seater leather sofa. I havnt even had so much as an email to say thank you, it fits in great or nothing.

    That is a lovely gesture from the receivers of your item and it is obviously very much appreciated. Now sit yourself down and stuff your face with those chocs knowing you very much deserve them

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    I gave the lady a box of chocs when I collected a highchair last year as it was like new. I've never been given anything though and give plenty away.
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    aww that is so nice, i gave away a tv and the lady was so pleased it was for her son, and i got a really nice email thanking me, i was so glad that i gave it to this lady
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    I cant keep up with freecycle, i get far to many emails from them to even check

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