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Thread: Tesco Home Panels

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    Very strange email, wonder what happened.

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    I haven't had a trial for ages

    Welshy x
    Matthew arrived 19th November - he is lush - I luv team welshy so much

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    Quote Originally Posted by WELSH-DRAGON View Post
    I haven't had a trial for ages

    Welshy x
    Nor me - I filled in a questionnaire weeks ago & it said they were sending some socks for my OH - never turned up
    Also proud to be a Yam Yam !

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    Quote Originally Posted by markat View Post
    Strange e mail from them today (and a seperate email offering me "texturising gum for the hair").

    Dear Mark,
    Over the past few weeks you may have seen a drop in the high standard of service that Tesco Home Panels strives to offer its panellists.
    Please rest assured that we have been focusing our efforts on rectifying the situation and limiting the damage this is causing to the reputation of Tesco Home Panels, something the Tesco Home Panels hardworking team have taken pride in building up over the years.
    We are now in the process of resolving the issues and we expect the service level to return to normal over the next week. As ever, we appreciate the dedication, loyalty and feedback that we receive from our panellists and we sincerely hope you will accept our personal apology for any inconvenience caused in the intervening period.  
    There was an issue with one of my trials recently where you received two samples, but some people had been told to report back on the wrong sample first. A misprint on the sheet that came with some of the samples, I think. Mine was fine though.

    Wonder if other trials had the same problem then?

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    There was another one where the instruction sheet seemingly didn't get sent out with the product - I got mine (bath foam!) but apparently others didn't so that might be another drop in standards.
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    For anyone (with babies) wanting to join please see below sent to me today;

    Hi Mark,
    We currently have some baby product trials available. If you have a baby in your household aged between 0 and 24 months, please log into your Tesco Home Panels account and complete the survey so we can check if you are eligible for these particular trials.
    This survey will be available until midnight on Sunday 6th January 2013.
    If this is survey is not applicable to you, please ignore it. However if you have any friends/family members who have a baby and would be interested in taking part, please ask them to contact us at

    Kind Regards,

    Tesco Home Panels

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    After a quiet period I've had a bedding survey and an invite to test shower creme today.

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    Anyone else still doing this ?
    Just been accepted for "Men's Printed Crew Neck Sweatshirt".

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