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    Anybody watch this on BBC? Thought it was an excellent modern adaptation, it was very clever the way mobile phones were used etc. Funny too. Seemed a similar style to Dr Who and the guy playing Sherlock certainly reminded me of the new Dr.

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    Loved it.

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    Just been talking about this at work, we (me and DH) both loved it and we generally like very different TV programmes. It's written by Steven Moffatt who does Dr Who too! cant wait for next Sunday.
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    Oh I watched this last night, wasn't sure what to expect as I love the Sherlock Holmes books, but absolutely loved it So well done with lots of detail, really well thought out.
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    I thought it was superb too, can't wait for the next episode (shame there's only 3 )

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    I am undecided - need to watch another! Well, I need to watch last night's again on catch-up as I kept dozing off which is why I am unsure about it lol!!!

    It did look good but don't know if I was just dog tired from a busy weekend or just not my cup of tea? OH liked it though.

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    well just watched it on iplayer - very clever deductons - a few parts i thought - hmm not sure - need to see the next one I think - already made snuggling arrangements on the sofa for Sunday night with bottle of wine and bf
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    I really enjoyed it, also thought there was a lot of similarities with Dr Who - then saw that the same chap wrote it!!! Very clever, well brought up to date.

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    We loved it here, really looking forward to the next one now
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    I enjoyed it too and I'm not a Dr Who fan.

    I got a bit confused at the end though - not sure if I missed something:

    Had Sherlock picked the right capsule and if so, how?

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