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Thread: Sherlock

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    Quote Originally Posted by barafear799 View Post
    quick question: I tried searching for the credits - but no luck (as I didn't know the character name anyway!!!)

    When Watson was "kidnapped" and taken to see Sherlock's brother - who was the girl in the car with Watson? - she looks so familiar - but just cannot put a name to the face. Can anyone help?
    Familiar............I thought she was hot too
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    I loved every minute of it, especially all the nods to the original stories. I have every available sherlock adaptation featuring everyone from Houdini, who played sherlock in early silent movies to John Cleese, to Matt Frewer, to Peter Cook and have a huge collection of sherlockiana. I thought it was a shame they didn't do any more with Rupert everett as he was astonishing, but this new guy is an inspired choice and we now have the DR Watson the stories deserve.
    It's just brilliant.

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    Well the last episode was just as good as the first, fantastic!

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    Loved it!

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    Yes it was great. DH is very into Conan Doyle so he too was impressed with the nods to the originals - stuff like SH didn't know the earth moved around the sun.
    I agree Rupert Everett was great too, perhaps better than Benedict Cumberbatch but they're pretty close.

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    There are links to Dr Watsons blog and The Science of Deduction websites!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SuzyWoo View Post
    There are links to Dr Watsons blog and The Science of Deduction websites!
    Fabulous. are we turning into groupies do you think?

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    Was very good, but shouted at tv at the end!!!!!!!!!! I want more!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I like the secret messages on The Scince of Deduction website- DD did that code in school only a few weeks ago, so I had a head start!

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    Loved it too!!! those website are great - loving watsons blog
    Get well soon Woody

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