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    Not only does this help the planet but it saves a bit on housekeeping too, especially if you grow your own veg or take advantage of special offers at Aldi or Lidl. I can't convert my carnivore husband but I'm quite happy eating veggie recipes. I make bean burgers but ending making too many so I freeze them. I also love various vegetable soups, especially in the winter. You can find veggie recipes on the internet but quite often I just make a vegetarian version of what I'm cooking for DH. If he's having curry then I have a veggie version myself. I might make about four curries for him and freeze them and another day make veggie ones and freeze so I've always got some of each in. Also make meat pies or pasties for him and veggie ones for me. I still eat meat but not every day.


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    I see you're still into your curries, Tiger!

    Heh heh ! they're wonderful aren't they - - and you're right - I find that teh odd meat-free day with veggies are a welcome change, and not for any esoteric reasons either!
    Have just made a big pot of fresh ratatouille - and will be having it with fresh home-made seeded bread . . . yum!

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    I love having a few meat free days, although hubby isnt as keen, he gets whats he is given. Some lovely veggie dishes.
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    We often have meat free days too, but to be fair probably for cost reasons more then anything. Thankfully OH doesn't mind either, I think we were both bought up that way so it's no different to either of us.
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    Hi G & F. Nice to see you posting again.

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    Lol I am happy to have meat free days every day and agree it works out much cheaper than eating meat!

    I don't have an allotment, but lots of people I know do and I am really lucky to be given lots of their surplus tomatoes, green beans, apples, marrows etc.

    Tonight I'm having home made ratatouille (snap G&F!) and home made apple pies for pudding and it will have cost me pence! Yum!!
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    New dog Mutley?
    Hoping and praying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick View Post
    New dog Mutley?
    Yep, her name is Amber and she is a 10 year old greyhound. Her piccy is on the pet thread here:

    My avatar is my old boy Ben who passed away a few years ago. I love this photo of him though as he was so happy playing frisbee!
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