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Thread: racing pidgeon in my garden for 2 days!

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    if its feathers are looking rough, maybe its had a runin with a cat or kids? Its also a tame bird so is used to be cared for, and may need help I would imagine. I really wouldn't think it would survive for long without help, and is very unlikey to get through the looming winter

    I've googled, and the info I found said even champion birds may get lost occasionally and need help, it advises you hopw to identify it, offers help on getting it back home, and advises on how to care for it.

    Good luck, as its been there for 2 days I would def try and catch it to get the details from it.
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    Dont be so mean Gardner, it might just be exhausted from a long flight and need a few days to rest?
    You did exactly the right thing muppet offering it some food & water.

    Sadly I have heard of birds being killed cos they get lost or are too slow.

    Give it a few days and Im sure it'll be on its way.
    MM x
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    might just be exhausted or flown off course as previous post says give some seeds & water and see what happens

    my brother used to keep racing pigeons when he was younger he was always worried when one didn't return from a race ( especially the first time he sent one to france) ... he always used to take a note of the number of the ring of any bird he found in the garden that wasnt his and report it to the racing federtaion ...He still does ( but works in poulty farm so not allowed to keep his own birds now)

    do you know any pigeon owners nearby who could maybe help ...didnt know that some owners rung the necks of birds that didnt race properly ...could still breed off them

    here another report a pigeon link if you manage to catch it
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