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    Can I pay part cash and part miles?
    Yes, select the appropriate option when booking online. Though this is not the best use of BA Miles.

    Do BA Miles expire?
    Yes. If your account has not been used to redeem or earn BA miles within three years then the balance will be reset to zero. You therefore need to keep it active.

    Please see the (soon to be added) section on earning BA Miles elsewhere for ideas on this. You can also purchase BA Miles direct from BA up to a maximum per annum.

    Do flights with GB Airways earn BA Miles?
    Executive Club members also earn Tier Points and can earn and redeem BA Miles with the following airline partners which operate as British Airways:

    British Airways CitiExpress Ltd
    Comair Pty Ltd (South Africa)
    GB Airways Ltd
    Loganair Ltd
    Sun–Air of Scandinavia A/S

    How do I join the BA Executive Club?
    You no longer need to take a qualifying flight to join the BA Exec club - just click here.

    BRITISH AIRWAYS AND American Express
    To apply for an British Airways American Express card click on the link

    Benefits of British Airways American Express Premium Plus Card
    The BA American Express Premium Plus card also gives double miles (3 miles/?1) for any spend direct with British Airways, including onboard shopping.

    The Premium Plus American Express card costs ?120 per annum but this can be reduced to ?30 if you have a standard American Express Blue card as well. It is possible that you may need to have the American Express Blue card for six months before you get being eligible for the reduction.

    What is the American Express 2-4-1 Voucher
    British Airways American Express card offers all holders the chance of a free ticket once they hit a certain spending threshold within their cardholder year. These thresholds are ?10,000 for the Premium Plus, ?15,000 for the Premium and ?20,000 for the stand. The ticket can then be used when making a booking one person will pay the fare and taxes the other will theoretically travel free but will still need to pay taxes.

    The Premium Plus BA American Express is 1.5 miles per ?1 with an annual fee of ?120*.
    The basic BA American Express is 1 mile per ?1 with no annual fee.
    The number of miles are doubled for spend with BA (using, BA telesales or onboard shopping)

    *By holding an American Express Blue card which has an annual fee of ?15 but reduced to ?0 if you spend ?500 on it, you get the Premium Plus BA American Express for ?30 instead of ?120.

    American Express 2-4-1 Voucher Rules
    Voucher is valid for travel from 12 months from voucher issue. No extensions are now possible.
    Spend threshold must be completed within card year.
    The primary cardholder MUST be one of the people travelling, but the second ticket holder need not be a BAEC account holder.
    The voucher can only be used with BA miles, ie to redeem you must have enough BA Miles in your account, for economy to Florida this is 50,000. The flights must be on BA - ie no codeshares.
    Taxes & surcharges are payable on the flights.
    Both tickets must travel on the same flight/dates.
    Only travel originating from the UK is permitted - no ex-AMS here. You are allowed to return from a different airport abroad

    How many miles do I receive for Clubcard points?
    You will receive 120 miles per 50 points subject to a minimum 250 points (600 miles). For those lucky people on the Premium rate they will receive 160 miles per 50 points, again subject to a minimum 250 points (800 miles). To convert to BA miles using the Clubcard Deals section and selecting BA Miles.

    For the ULTIMATE BA GUIDE goto Flyertalk
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