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Thread: I'm A Celebrity 2011

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    Default I'm A Celebrity 2011

    Anyone watching?

    It's a lovely family time as all my children enjoy watching it together

    Who at this stage would you like to win? I like Willie and think he will really come into his own - he's so funny

    What about you?
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    Well I thought early on last night Fatima might be in with a chance - until she threw her toys out of the pram over something so trivial - & then angered me even more by trying to silence Mark with " I'm older than you & an olympic champion" yeah so - she was still in the wrong.

    I think Lorraine Chase is quite good, quite quiet and placid but she didnt take any crap from Fatima either - good on her!!

    I like Dougie and also surprisingly Jessica Jane as she is not pulling any of that young prima donna model crap that we've seen in recent years from others.

    hard to call at this stage, Pat Sharp seems decent enough too, although I think Sinitta is gonna drive everyone bonkers!!

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    The Daily Mail had a whole page on Fatima a few days ago and it seems like she had a troubled childhood and was also VERY argumentive she needs to chill out and read a few vibes from the others. Lorraine seems like she can handle her she just needs to keep her cool and be very firm with Fatima.
    Just as a point of interest I can never watch the eating trials and picked up the Gameboy so I could not see this. I thought it was finished and then watched Freddie open his mouth with the contents not quite finished. I ran out of the room and VERY NEARLY vomited. I was retching. I cannot help this.

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    I love this and like salsa was rooting for Fatima but she was completely out of order last night. She just seemed hell bent on picking an argument. I like Willie, Jessica & Lorraine. Chrissy is funny but bet she can be annoying. Poor Stephanie, bet she wished she could have used straighteners on her hair last night. You do wonder why she even thought twice about doing this.

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    Love it, love it, LOVE IT!

    Not sure who I'm supporting yet. Can't wait for Sinitta to come into camp, she is going to be hilarious and get voted for all the trials because she is so scared of everything!
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    yes Sinitta's 1st task tonight. At least I don't think it involves any creepie crawlies, think it is the one that Stacey did last year high up collecting keys. Hope she is not afraid of heights too.

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    Fell asleep during last night show so obviously missed some of it

    Dont like Chrissy, Fatima (think she now looks like Rambo in some shots - is she really female - she has a shaddow on her chin) glad Freddie Starr has gone - think he could have been obnoxious - even though he was excellent at the feeding trial - I too gip all he way through these

    Like Mark? from TOWIE - the young model is good - but who is the boy band member - which boy band is is in

    I will have my favourite in a few more episodes

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    Fatima seemed very determined to wind others up last night, I am not keen on her at all now. Antony Cotton seems catty too.... the TOWIE guy was wearing the mankini (yuck lol!!) and Atony chatting afterwards saying that he didn't have the body for it...... really!!!
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    I liked Antony going in - not so sure now - he seems like a bit of an old woman.
    What about the new so called "Celeb" seems nice enough but I thought this was the british show & i bet no-one knows who she is - think they came unstuck when freddie came out.

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    The boy band member is from Mcfly, band mate of Harry from come dancing

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