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Thread: hoover help please!

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    My beloved DC01 which I swapped with DD1 for her Vax because she couldn't get on with it (then gave it back as I found it cumbersome) recently stopped working and DD1 threw it out :EEK: Kids today eh? It was only 16 years old.

    Dom I know what you are saying is correct about the warranty but isn't it worth a go anyway? Did you get it from John Lewis in the end? Personally I'd try - I'd explain I'd tried to fix it because it was easier/thought it would work/didn't seem worth bringing it back you could email first to test the water.
    Aww. I had a DC01, I had an irrational for that machine I couldn't leave it alone, after that I had a cylinder one which was not so good and now got the DC27 Animal mentioned upthread.

    So sounds like you have the Miele fixed then Dom ?
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    I've ordered a new main filter off eBay and will see how we go. It runs very hot and shuts down - it shouldn't be the filter really as it was changed a few months ago (and the small ones by the dust bag housing are also changed very frequently ).
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    There's a code for 20% off at Miele, no idea about postage etc.
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    Just to update, it's been running fine since I fitted the new main filter, although this is also fixed in with a couple of screws into the casing. So I would say this is still a fab hoover, but there are issues with the main filter popping out. I'd also say if you want to suck up brick dust and big amounts of soot or crud, do NOT use this machine as it will clog immediately and need ?10-12 spending on a new filter.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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