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Thread: hoover help please!

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    I am impressed that Polo can kill Dysons, Go Polo .

    Thankyou sassysar, after reading your review I checked it out on Amazon. I think I might miss the hose/wand. I'm a bit OCD about the edges and it's handy for cobwebs. Unless Dyson have tied up the integral hose in patents maybe Gtech will develop one.

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    Am still unsure what to do. The Miele ones have a pack of 4 bags (plus a filter replacement) costing a whopping ?10.50. That's probably ?50-60 annual cost for us. Have seen Electrolux ones for ?60-70 and am now realising why I tend to buy one of these every year or two!
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    I have a DC 33 which is great but not sure if it is lighter than the older ones or not. I too have had the DC1 and DC4 and one with a ball which I didnt like (gave that to work and work bought me a different one)

    I have an older dyson upstairs which is still great - I think hoovers are too heavy to trail up and down stairs - I used to end up knocking the paint off.

    I have a couple of ancient hoovers prob over 30 years old which I keep in the attic and they are still working fine.

    I find the DC33 good for picking up dog hairs - the only place they wont come off is the back of the car

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    Dom I was having a look on Currys website and theyseem to have a couple of Miele hoovers on offer. Also seem to have had the Kenwood Titanium Chef I was after but all gone now sadly. Was just having a look as they sent me a ?50 compensation voucher for taking ages to repair my washing machine.

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    Dom if you were nearer to me I would gladly let you or Polo come and clean my house with my miele and you will understand why they are worth the money!!
    Seriously my mum has had a Dyson and I have had a Sebo and Miele are far superior in our opinion, specifically for pets, although you do need the turbo brush. I have a lab who constantly moults and my mum has 4 cats, 3 are british short hair which have lots of hair which normal hoovers don't get up and we both love our MIeles!!

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    You are selling it to me Jen! Do you have uprights or the cylinders? We are thinking cylinder would be cheaper (by ?100) and easier for stairs etc.
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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    We have the cylinder, always had an upright before and you are right it is easier for the stairs. I have got the normal turbobrush and a smaller turbobrush which is brillant for the stairs. They do do an electric turbobrush but I am quite happy with mine!

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    I have always had various Dysons, but I bought a Sebo K1 pet (cylinder) a few years ago and I hated it. It didn't vacuum near to the skirting, one tiny piece of dog kibble would clog up the turbo head and I didn't like using bags. I've got used to emptying the Dyson as soon as I've used it and don't like the thought of keeping the bag in the machine full of dog hair & fluff!

    I now have a Dyson DC39 cylinder. It's ok, but I don't love it!! I find Dysons are great for a while then they seem to lose their oomph? But I find they are the best for my house with 3 dogs. :/

    I am dreaming of the day when someone invents a decent robot vacuum cleaner that can deal with pet hair!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominic View Post
    Need turbo brush for pet hairs though. It's what's stopping me going for a Henry. I did buy a turbo head for a previous machine but it didn't fit so I'd rather get one that comes with one. So a standard cylinder would be no good. If you've tried to get pet hairs out of rugs and carpets with a normal cylinder without a turbo brush you'll know how hard it is.

    I forgot to say, Henry make a "Harry" pet vacuum now:

    Never used one, but it does have a turbo brush head by the looks of it?
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    Many thanks for this. On reading more I see it is only a small power brush so may not be much good for us (although thinking about it most of the downstairs is, or will be hard floor). The power of this is only 1200w as opposed to over 2000 for the Miele?
    Those who think they know it all are very annoying to those of us who actually do.

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